The Story of the Trio that founded Sweetgreen

When college students graduate, most of them have a mentality that they will land a job in a big company. This is not always the case. As witnessed in the recent past, many graduates are increasingly finding themselves stranded after completing their education. With many qualified candidates having to compete for the few jobs that the economies have to offer, many graduates are stranded unable to secure their dream jobs.


Many graduates end up working in fields and geographical areas they never thought or visualized themselves in. They are forced by situations to either accept to fill the available job positions or start private ventures.


When three Washington students, Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru, graduated from college, they decided to seek the help of friends and families in starting a venture named Sweetgreen.


In an interview, they said that they somehow felt that their fate would lead them to run their own business since neither of them had much interest in employment. The desire to build and run their own business and the need to provide better food choices to their society led to the birth of Sweetgreen.


 Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru had no idea that a few years down the line they would have a brand that is nationally recognized and adored by many. The trio credits their success to hard work and dedication to their goals.


Most of their investors were brought aboard by the spirit of the trio to succeed. The investors put their money in the startup because its founders’ business plan was precise and clear. The investors also acknowledged the commitment of the trio toward implementing the plan to the letter.


Sweetgreen was first established in Washington DC where the founders opened their iconic pioneer restaurant in 2007. Since then, they have expanded to other American cities and as at January 2016, they have over 30 retail locations.


Sweetgreen operates as a casual restaurant where people can walk in and order simple, healthy meals. The restaurant also offers seasonal meals themed from select regional cuisines. Their food products are grown organically.


Nathaniel Ru serves alongside his co-founders as the company’s CEO. He has served in this capacity for over nine years. He is fluent in both Spanish and English, which gives him an edge when negotiating international deals.


Securus Technologies Is Covering All Corners

With the release of Investigator Pro 4.0, crime is sure to be cut down by a great deal. That is what the great minds of Securus Technologies have in mind when they released this product, and that is what they plan on doing. They are in the corner of investigators and they don’t like crime any more than you or I. They know, however, that in order to stop it, defeat it, and conquer it, one must be think like a criminal and get ahead of them in order to stop them. One way they are doing that is with the product I mentioned above, which allows investigators to get a sampling of someone’s voice and find out what they are up to based on their voice and figure out what they might have up their sleeve.

A lot of things in life can be prevented if someone is prepared. As detailed in this article INVESTIGATOR PRO,  this is exciting software that is brand-new and really changing the game and changing the way things are being done. That is the great thing about today’s technology. It can be used for good and it can be used to help in situations where criminals are getting the upper hand.

Once they get a hold of that voice sample from an inmate, they can search for all other phone calls with that voice and also be privy to the other side of the phone call. This way, anything they might be looking to do upon leaving prison can be foiled before it even gets a chance to get off the ground. Even though they are in prison, it does not mean they have stopped becoming a criminal. When they leave prison, they are going to be looking for money and they are going to look for criminal ways to get it.

Goettl’s Online Reviews Show A successful HVAC Serviec Is In Place

The success of the Goettl HVAC service has been backed up by a number of excellent reviews that can be found on the Angie’s List Website where the public given honest reviews about the tradespeople they work with. Reading the reviews gives us a glimpse into the time and effort the technicians at Goettl are now putting into the work they complete for each and every client; not only does each HVAC technician care for the clients they are working with, but they do their utmost to make sure appointment times are kept when possible.

Reading the reviews provides an insight into the pride that now forms the basis of the work of each and every Goettl technician who are now seeking the best ways of making sure the work they complete is the best at all times. A good example of the way Goettl technicians look to go above and beyond the expectations of their clients, including an anecdote about a technician who repaired an HVAC system and made sure every part was working before declaring the hardware repaired.

The Goettl brand has always been a high quality option for those who are looking for the best in HVAC repair and servicing, which began in 1926 with the Goettl brothers bringing their skills to Arizona and Nevada. In recent years Goettl had departed the state of Nevada, but a drive to bring the company back to the attention of the public has resulted in the return of Goettl to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The expansion of the Goettl brand across the south has seen the company purchase the Moore HVAC repair company to make sure the highest quality service is available to all residents of Arizona and Nevada. The arrival of new owner Ken Goodrich has seen the Goettl brand undergo some major changes to the company, including HVAC expert Goodrich giving each completed job his own seal of approval that makes sure each and every technician is having their work checked on a regular basis.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Lovaganza’s International Celebration will be a truly Groundbreaking Experience

What makes the human race so much of a joy is its various, diverse cultures, music, dance and other forms of entertainment. No matter the nation or region each area has its own style and flair of putting on a show. This kind of uniqueness found across the globe is something that should be celebrated. Lovaganza has decided the same.

Lovaganza in its entirety is like a world fair on steroids. Lovaganza celebrates all cultures of the world through breathtaking and one of a kind entertainment, from the past and present.

Lovaganza is getting ready for Lovaganza 2020, a big international celebration that’ll occur between May and September 2020. The event was originally supposed to take place in 2015, but because of the constant technological advancements that happen seemingly everyday, Lovaganza pushed the celebration to 2020.

Lovaganza 2020 will take place in several different locations that include: America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. The international celebration on Vimeo will conclude with millions of participants simultaneously holding hands around the globe. Using technology created by Unity Machines Lovaganza will create a virtual chain of humans that will cross every continent and ocean despite their size. The event is meant to demonstrate unity no matter a person’s race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sexual preference, etc. Lovaganza has dubbed the event “Hands Across the World.”

In the meantime Lovaganza has scheduled a traveling show, set to hit the road in 2017, that will give audiences just a small sample of what’s to come in 2020. Furthermore, Lovaganza will release three motion pictures in the time leading up to 2020. The release of the motion pictures will give the entertainment franchise a chance to try out its glasses free technology on traveling Lovaganza pavilions.

They have already acquired footage for the first film in the trilogy after shooting in countries like France, Spain, and the United States. To add to the allure of the film trilogies they will be presented during the Lovaganza traveling venues on groundbreaking Immerscope screens. Making the screening of the films a spectacularly immersive experience.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Richard Blair Financial Advisor

If you are considering trying to earn extra income by renting part or all of your home using Airbnb, as your rental agent, there are a few things you should know. While thousands of people worldwide have rented on a short-term basis rooms or even their entire house using an agency such as Airbnb with great success, there have been instances that have exposed unexpected problems for the homeowner. A recent article by Richard Blair, of Wealth Solutions, pointed out a few things the homeowner should understand before deciding to become a part-time amateur hotelier. Learn more:

Before you take in renters you should realize you are liable for any injuries they might incur, property damage or even your neighbor’s property, theft, illegal activities which could lead to an eventual lawsuit. You should also realize that not everyone pays their rent.

Short-term rental situations are not covered by most homeowners policies this leaves you personally responsible for any liabilities incurred by your tenants. Don’t be misled by the insurance offered by your leasing agent Airbnb or any other agency you might choose. These policies offer what is known as secondary coverage, meaning they don’t pay anything until your personal resources are exhausted.

Knowing the financial risk of becoming a part-time hotelier is very important so talk with an insurance professional or a wealth and investment specialist before you commit to an agreement with any leasing agency.

Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Austin Texas, is the type of investment specialist you should consult. Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. He is the sole owner of the company and has been involved in securities for over 22 years. His stated goal is to always be objective and unbiased in any advice he might give to a client. By sticking to his commitment and always placing the client first Richard has made a positive difference in the lives of his clients including individuals, families and many small business owners.

Over the years Richard Blair has fine-tuned his knowledge and experience of retirement planning. He will help you avoid the many pitfalls that you might make when trying to plan your retirement.