Learning Leadership and Business with Glen Wakeman

Talented and fruitful people often like to go back to their roots and give back to their communities. Glen Wakeman is no different. He is a business man and entrepreneur who likes to mentor the new leaders in society. His name is often used in combination with LaunchPad Holdings which he Co-created. Wakeman is currently serving as the CEO of the company.

Education Connects with Leadership

His education and academic excellence include an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. HIs first career path saw him in a different role at GE Capital and other organisations in the Finance sector.

His leadership skills and intelligence is well-known in the business circles, so Glen Wakeman developed the methodology for performance measuring. It involves risk management, human capital, leadership importance and execution of various aspects of the firm.

Working with different companies allowed him to start investing and experience success and failure from those investments. Now he can talk about this performance methodology using examples from his career and leadership ups and downs.

These principles apply to different industries and require people to learn from their peers and their success or failure. Wakeman leads by example and builds strong relationships with his colleagues and suppliers as well as the clients. He believes that part of success will always belong to the ability to connect on a human level.

New Opportunities and Teaching Others

Glen Wakeman participates different business opportunities available and is not afraid of taking risks. He uses his experience to learn and help others with advice consistently. The range of topics he covers include development and innovation, growing of capital, investing, international finance and the market in the turbulent global marketplace and its changes.

His experience with living in different countries and multicultural environment taught him the way different cultures see business. It makes him a force to be reckoned with on this stage.

Glen Wakeman is an inspiration to young people who want to become leaders and want to learn about business in different parts of the world. His methodology is accessible and easy to understand, but irreplaceable in the modern business environment. He knows what skills are the most important and how to utilize the talented individuals they have.

Honey Birdette: Giving Bedrooms a New Look

Honey Birdette is a lingerie brand company that Eloise Monaghan founded in 2006. The Australian based firm deals with unique and luxurious high-end premium bedroom accessories. Eloise established the entity to satisfy the demand that was present in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Honey Birdette has opened a marketing site in the US to sell their name and products. It has publicized its plans of opening more stores before the end of 2018 to around 40. The online marketing has allowed Honey Birdette to experience a sale increase of 374% for the last one year. The positive impact influenced the company to expand to the US and launch e-commerce page. The website improves the experience of customers due to faster delivery, easier returns, and extended commodity range.

Market Distribution

Honey Birdette aims at increasing the number of stalls it has in the UK and retail openings in America. In 2016, the enterprise launched its first plant outside Australia by opening the London’s Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate, and Westfield White City. They continue to reveal their intentions of setting up more openings in the United Kingdom before 2019. Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 stalls in Australia and has plans of putting up premium markets and outlets in Europe. The BB Retail Capital (BBRC) funds their operations to make sure the company does not experience any financial distress when venturing into new segments.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette was founded to satisfy the need of having a cozy, royal, and luxurious bedroom. The luxurious lifestyle brand could provide a solution to this problem through its accessories, high-end toys, and designed lingerie. The innovative and bold firm gained popularity and became the best shop in Australia to sell lingerie. In just four years, Honey Birdette has opened more than 40 boutiques and employed over 260 workers in Australia.

Staffs working at the lavish company are vivacious, informative, and buzzing to provide personalized services to their guests. All stores have an attractive, unapologetically beautiful, and flirty décor and visitors get a glass of champagne for visiting. To add to their package list, Honey Birdette offers expensive potent perfumes, massage candles, leather crops, harnesses, cuffs, and collars. You will never regret visiting the Honey Birdette.