Stream Energy Teams up with the American Red Cross to Help Hurricane Victims

In August of 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit the residents of Houston, Texas. At least 30,000 people were displaced from their homes during this event. Many people in around the greater Houston region were hit hard and lost everything they owned. This hurricane was truly one of the worst disasters to have hit the city of Houston.


Stream Energy is a private electricity provider. This enterprise has been in business since 2005 (HighTechNewsSpy). It uses a multi-level marketing scheme to reach potential customers with its services. When the hurricane hit Houston, Stream Energy set up a philanthropic fund known as Stream Cares. This philanthropic branch of Stream Energy was created to provide homeless people with they needed to make it through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Stream Care decided to team up with the American Red Cross to help bring relief to those in need. Stream normally does not make direct donations to homeless people and they do not operate in this field. So, using the services of the American Red Cross only makes sense in this instance. This organization was created to assist people when disaster strikes (


A $25,000 donation was made by Stream Care toward the victims of this natural disaster. The money and resources will be utilized by the American Red Cross to help with food, emergency supplies and temporary shelter for people in need.


Stream Energy has 300,000 customers in and around the city of Houston. Many of these people lost power during the storm. Stream Energy worked hard to ensure that these customers were put back on the grid. Many of the people in the Houston area appreciated everything that Stream Energy had done to help the relief effort.


Stream Energy is based out of Dallas, Texas and they know that when their fellow country men are in trouble, it is up to them to step up and help. That is why Stream Energy has made the donation and offered assistance. They want to help people who are in trouble and they want to ensure that people can overcome this disaster and go on to live productive lives.

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Who is Jorge Moll and Why Should You Care?

His name may not be well-known in your household, so you may be wondering about this very question. In actuality, Jorge Moll has made great contributions to society as a neuroscientist and as a person. So really, you ought to get to know his name. Keep reading and we shall explain.


Although still a relatively young man, Jorge Moll has accomplished a lot. He graduated from medical school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back in 1994 and also finished his residency in neurology in 1997 at the same university. Professionally, right now he is the “Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Section” in Bethesda, Maryland in the United States. At this same time, Jorge Moll is the director and president of a large institute that is well-known throughout Brazil.


In addition to his professional achievements, Jorge Moll has been involved in several important research studies for which there has been printed information on the results ( It must be noted that he contributed to the writing of these findings. Amongst the studies is one on “The Neural Basis of Human Moral Cognition” and another entitled “Morals and the Human Brain: a Working Model.”


As you may gather, moral behavioral studies and issues are very important to Jorge Moll (YouTube). He is widely believed to be an expert on this topic. This also makes him an inspiration to many people. When seeking advice on moral behavior, he is the go-to guy. He is always correct and never disappoints his believers.


Jorge Moll has received a number of awards for his work. This includes the Research Fellow NIH award and a myriad of other awards and honors. He has also been elected as a Governors board member of “the International Neuroethics Society” and to the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. There is little doubt that you now understand the valuable contributions that Jorge Moll has made to mankind. You will surely be reading more about him in the years to come. Bravo, Jorge Moll!

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Jeunesse Global Product Review

Jeunesse Global — a privately-owned direct sales company based in Florida that boasts of an international presence — has found marked success in the lifestyle product and cosmetic market. Jeunesse has found their remarkable success through the familiar direct selling model, industry-leading customer and distributor support, and a unique lineup of proprietary skincare and nutritional products.

Similar to other multilevel marketing business models, independent distributors that so far amount to up to a half million Jeunesse representatives — referred to as members of the Jeunesse “family” in company parlance — are encouraged to buy wholesale inventory to earn money on sales of Jeunesse’s exclusive lineup of youth-enhancing lifestyle products. Additionally, distributors can climb the income ladder by earning commissions on the sales of their personally recruited, “down-stream” distributors. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Founded jointly by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009, Jeunesse has experienced impressive growth, both in the U.S. and in an expanding number of foreign countries and markets. Achieving unusually impressive year-over-year growth, Jeunesse was ranked within the authoritative Inc. 500 List of the fastest growing businesses in 2014, a list that focuses on independent entrepreneurs based in the U.S.

Jeunesse’s success has been due to a variety of factors, including the company’s notably extensive distributor and customer support — including multi-lingual services and extensive back-office assistance provided on a global scale. This international aspect of Jeunesse helps account for some of their success.

The biggest factor driving Jeunesse’s success, though, is their product line. Categorized within their Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), the company boasts of the positive, synergistic effects seen through the combined use of their line of nine supplements and beauty enhancers. Read the article at
The Y.E.S. system includes seven specially-formulated dietary supplements and nutritional recipes geared towards improving user’s overall physical health and wellness. According to Jeunesse, the key benefits of these natural supplements include aiding one in burning off fat and building muscle, bolstering energy and mental acuity, and in restoring a more youthful appearance.

Also under the Y.E.S. lineup, Jeunesse Global has made available three skincare and beauty enhancement aids, products they’ve named Instantly Ageless™, The Luminesce® and APT-200, NV™.


UTC Thrives Because Of Chenevert

The United Technologies Corporation is an aerospace manufacturing industry that is valued over $68 billion. Currently in is North America’s leading business and aircraft and jet engine production. This remains true for both the commercial sector in the military sector. The reason that United Technologies Corporation has done so well is because of the wise leadership of Chief Executive Officer Louis Chenevert.


Chenevert strengthened the business of United Technologies Corporation by focusing on three things that he arrived. He focused on stabilizing their income, training and equipping the employees, and meeting current environmental regulations.


The global recession hit United Technologies Corporation, and it hit them hard. Few governments and businesses had the money necessary to buy entire jet engines from UTC. In order to solve this problem, Chenevert decided that it would be better for UTC to start creating parts that could be added to the jet engine and then charging for those repair services. UTC began producing jet sensors, auto-pilot controls, feeling efficiency converters, and auto landing gear. (More:



Chenevert also decided that UTC would be better off if they began training the workers to be more productive. The reality was that after an assessment was conducted, the employees at UTC were found wasting 80% of their time and other things. Chenevert knew that if UTC was to begin turning a profit once again, the workers would need to be working at 100% capacity. Through several workshops and courses, the workforce was educated once again in their job, and through promotions and bonuses, they were incentivized to begin working at maximum capacity. Go Here For additional information.



Chenevert also would help UTC by becoming more environmentally friendly. When he arrived, he realized that UTC’s biggest expense was paying off fines for breaking environmental regulations. He knew that they could not turn a profit if this was the case. By working with the engineering department, he was able to decrease the water consumption by 50% and produce fewer gas emissions by 28%. Read more about Chenevert on Crunchbase.



Chenevert would eventually step down from United Technologies Corporation and take on the consulting position with Goldman Sachs in their banking division. Follow him on Twitter.


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Choosing Between Term and Permanent FreedomLife Insurance

If you are not educated on the differences, it can be confusing when choosing between term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Companies like Freedom Life Insurance can help you get the most for your money. Here are a couple of tips to help narrow down your options.

Term Life Insurance

If you need life insurance for a certain period of time, this is the type of life insurance for you. You are able to match the length you need with the length of the policy. Even on a limited budget, you can purchase a good amount of life insurance. This kind of policy will only pay out if you die during the term. Your coverage will stop at the end of the term unless you renew your current policy or purchase a new one. You will not be able to build any equity with this type of insurance. Your premiums will be lowest when you are young and will increase as you renew at an older age.


Permanent Life Insurance

This is life insurance that will be available for as long as you are alive. Freedom Life Insurance offers these types of plans to their customers. Your death benefit will pay when you die. You can use this as a source of funds to borrow against for different reasons. You can even use this savings element to help you pay your premiums if you are unable to pay them otherwise. Even if you have bad credit you can borrow against this amount. Your death benefit is held as collateral, and if you die before you repay it, the insurance company will collect the amount due before they pay out to your beneficiary. Premiums for this type of policy is usually higher but will remain the same over time.

Freedom Life Insurance offers many different options when it comes to term and permanent life insurance policies. Find out which one is perfect for you and start making payments today.

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How Todd Lubar Sees The Adoption Of Smart Home Appliances

At the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, there was a business leader who wrote an article about “The Electric Home of Tomorrow”. He described how he envisioned the future which included people being able to send commands to their appliances or use a device to greet visitors by using a shortwave radio. He also saw other technological advances such as mood lighting where you can change the intensity of the lights and even the colors. As Baltimore real estate entrepreneur Todd Lubar points out, these things have now happened. The difference is we use our smartphones instead of shortwave radio but still, he had a pretty good vision of things to come. Check out Medium to know more.

In the last few years, people started installing smart doorbells in their homes that can sense when someone is nearby and so automatically ring the bell. Todd Lubar says that just about every new home that is being built now has mood lighting as standard. Some of these also allow them to be controlled by a smartphone app. Even more people are installing smart thermostats that learn the occupant’s patterns so that it knows when to heat and/or cool the home. For more details visit LinkedIn.

According to Patch, as an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has established a number of real estate companies over the years. He has also challenged himself by starting other companies, such as one where he operated a demolition business. A few years ago he established TDL Global Ventures which offers competitive mortgages to homebuyers. It was over twenty years ago that Todd Lubar first started in the real estate industry as a mortgage broker for a national firm. He has developed deep experience in financing mortgages so that people can attain their dream of owning a home.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar is fully prepared to take risks. He says that failure is just part of the deal and is nothing you should fear. If you’re not willing to take chances and build on an idea you have you will never discover the joy of building a company and benefitting the community in which you operate as well as yourself.

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George Soros Surpasses Expectations as a Philanthropist and Service to Society

In October 2017, the Open Society Foundation received an unexpected surprise from billionaire George Soros. George announced that a large part of his wealth is being donated to the foundation that he founded in 1979. The Open Society Foundation will receive $18 billion of his total fortune which is estimated at $23 billion.

George created Soros Fund Management and became a billionaire in 1992 after a successful short sale of pound sterling that was worth an estimated $10 billion at the time. He has been on list of Forbes magazine as one of the top 400 wealthiest people in the world more than a few times. His wealth has afforded him many opportunities, yet George continues to seek an abundance of opportunities to do philanthropy work.

George’s view of the world comes from his humble beginnings in Hungary, when at the age of 13; he witnessed the occupation of Nazi-Germany. He and his family eventually headed to England to flee from the atrocities and injustices of human beings. After leaving England, George immigrated to the United States in 1956 and forged ahead to become a businessman but never forgetting the world in which he once lived. His values are based upon the sincerity of doing the best for society and standing up for those who cannot always speak for themselves. He also believes in holding the government accountable for any actions necessary to keep a productive infrastructure for the societies it oversees.

The philanthropy efforts by George have plagued those who don’t understand or have become numb to the idea of philanthropy, and there has been an attempt to demonize his success with helping others. There is an indisputable doubt that George has contributed well-over $11 billion to many charitable causes in the last four decades. Yet, the very intent for those earmarked contributions has left some activist groups and political groups to question his intentions. Perhaps this has increased because of his $27 million contribution to help the Democratic Party through the last decade, or the support of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham-Clinton during the 2016 election. Whatever the reason, George has remained unapologetic for using his wealth to do the right thing for a country that has given him so many opportunities.

The Open Society Foundation has helped countless organizations in over 100 countries, and George has overseen the grants, scholarships and fellowships by helping facilitate more than $32 billion over the 38 year history of the foundation. George is actively involved in supporting many communities and has provided personal contributions to women’s rights groups, the LGBT community, Black Lives Matter, civil rights organizations, voter’s rights groups and many grass roots efforts.

George Soros has been an exemplary philanthropist showing the global community what service does for all societies. Considering all that he has accomplished through his investment dealings, it would not be unexpected for him to continue to accomplish more. Yet even at the age of 87, through his compassion for helping others, George has exceeded expectations and raised the bar to new heights.

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How NutriSystem for Men Can Help You Lose Weight

If you are the type of person who barely has enough time for leisure activities, for your kids, or even for yourself then maybe you should re-examine things that work for you and those that don’t. If you’re on a weight loss program that doesn’t seem to work or you think all your money and energy have been spent on nothing, then maybe you should take a look at the Nutrisystem program. It is not just another diet program; it is a weight-loss strategy. Here are some ways on how to take off that coat of flab using an easy and honest weight loss program that only Nutrisystem provides:

NutriSystem is easy and convenient.

When you are working almost the entire day, you don’t have time to plan the meals you are supposed to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be healthy. You also don’t have the energy to cook complicated meals that will take long hours to figure out! What Nutrisystem can give you is the convenience of delivering the right kinds of food at your doorstep. No messy cooking, no cleaning up, no counting of calorie points and no chances of being guilty of eating unhealthy food. Plus, you are presented with the right amount of food that helps your system adjust to the stress of portion control. With Nutrisystem, food is easy to store and portable. You can take your healthy meals to work, at a friend’s house or on a business meeting. Nutrisystem is specially made for people who are always on the go.

Well-balanced meals.

The perfect combination of protein, fat and good carbohydrates makes Nutrisystem the best diet plan for people who want to eat a well-balanced diet. Unlike other diet programs that tend to focus on just reducing the amount of one food group, (e.g., just carbohydrates), the Nutrisystem diet provides pre-selected diet programs according to their consumers’ needs to maximize weight loss.

You will surely shed those pounds.

When you ask people who have tried the NutriSystem weight loss program, none of them will discount the significant weight loss that transformed their lives. Nutrisystem for men may be a bit costly for some people, but you cannot go wrong with a diet program that is proven to be effective. Some people don’t see results, but for Nutrisystem, the results are evident – in a matter of weeks! Having the discipline to follow the program is the best way to lose weight, and it’s not even hard compared to complicated schemes that other diet plans use. Nutrisystem is a complete weight-loss program that guarantees weight loss through its low glycemic diet plan.

NutriSystem provides 24/7 support.

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems. For someone who will undergo a major change in his life, you would need the utmost support you can get from people around you. NutriSystem provides 24/7 online support, which allows you to talk with trained specialists that will support your venture at weight loss or talk with people on the forums who have tried the NutriSystem diet and have found it effective.

Insurance Company US Health Advisors

One of the companies that can offer quality healthcare coverage is US Health Advisors. This company has emerged as one of the top insurance companies in terms of offering affordable health insurance coverage policies. With a policy from US Health Advisors, a number of businesses and individuals can take advantage of compensation for a variety of medical expenditures. Along with offering quality coverage for health insurance, US Health Advisors is also able to provide people with an opportunity to make an income selling the policies as well. Anyone that is looking to be an independent agent with this company can begin selling the company’s policies. With this opportunity, they will be in position to enjoy a high income as well as a schedule that is more accommodating compared to other careers.

When getting a policy from US Health Advisors, one of the things that consumers will be sure about is getting comprehensive coverage. This coverage will allow them to easily pay for many of their medical expenses. Instead of having to pay for certain healthcare expenditures out of pocket, a policy from this company will help lower the cost or eliminate it altogether. With a policy provided by US Health Advisors, consumers can get compensated for things such as routine medical checkups, prescription medications and also more advanced procedures such as surgery. One key benefit of this policy is that it offers coverage as very affordable rates.

The company US Health Advisors offers insurance coverage for healthcare expenses that is among the most affordable on the market. However, it is also a company that offers people to sell the policies to other consumers. When selling policies to other consumers, individuals can make a good income if they work hard enough. The income potential of a US Health Advisors agent can earn quite a bit of money and otherwise make a good salary. When first starting out, independent agents can make over $40,000 per year which is a decent salary. However, with additional sales and commissions, agents can make a steady six figure income. It is not unheard of to find agents who are making $120,000 per year or more within a few years.

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Paul Mampilly- Experienced American Investor

Investment is a concern for many people in the world today. Many people are striving to make a good investment decision that will see them get the financial freedom that they have been looking for. Financial freedom will help us make decisions that we will be proud of. Investments are meant to generate profits. It is the hope of every investor to take an investment decision that will reward them well. The problem that has been experienced in the world today is a scenario where people are not able to make a difference between a good investment and a bad one. Many are the times that you will see many people put their money in fixed bank accounts as a means of investment. As far as this is not a bad decision, in terms of making significant returns, it is a bad idea. There are so many investment opportunities that we can explore so that we make the best out of our investments.

Stock investment is one of the best investment decisions one can make. A decision that will see one buy shares in a company that has a higher probability of growing. Stock markets are not complex but they also require one to make a decision on which company one will buy the shares.

Shares should be bought only in a company that is in a sector that has a higher probability of growing. According to Paul Mampilly an experienced investor. Right now the best opportunities lie in the technological advancements, companies that are embracing technological innovations are the best gainers. They are likely to continue gaining over a long term when making decisions. One should pay a close look at the opportunities that are available in this sector. Technological advancements can reward very well. A good example is the stocks in cell phone industries. People who took up these stocks are a happy today. Their shares have grown by a huge margin. They have managed to make huge profits from the growth that have been witnessed,

Coming up, there are areas in the technology sector that will reward very well. These are departments that have to do with the technological innovations that will drive the world in the next few years. Already the electric cars are taking shape as a replacement for gasoline cars. People who will buy these shares will most likely have the last smile. There is a high probability that this is an industry that will grow into one of the biggest in the world in near future. People are already tired of gasoline cars which they consider expensive to maintain. On top, they pollute the environment

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