Bruno Fagali Is A Successful Lawyer And Entrepreneur In Brazil

Bruno Fagali has his own law practice in Brazil that has become quite popular and is backed by an expert law team that is well-versed in all areas of law. Bruno maintains a website for his practice that anyone can check into for some information about the company and how to contact them for legal services.

Although Bruno Fagali is an established lawyer, he still went back to the University of Sao Paolo to finish off his master’s degree and build his educational foundation even further. Bruno has been able to gain experience in many different fields of law because of various different internships at law firms specializing in different kinds of law, such as administrative and procedural law.

Bruno Fagali has been working his way up the legal industry for many years and has done a variety of different internships at law firms around Brazil. On top of his studies in law, Bruno has taken the time to become fluent in several different languages, including French and Italian. Fagali Advocacy, Bruno’s legal firm in Brazil, specializes in compliance law as well as public law for clients throughout the communities in Brazil. Bruno as well as his firm will happily take most cases from clients that are in need of legal services despite their specializations. Clients can see what Bruno’s firm is all about visiting his company website, which gives all the information anyone needs to get in contact with the company.

With the latest movements in anti-corruption passed by the ministry of transparency, corruption will be much easier to find and solve across Brazilian corporations. Bruno personally had a hand in the program that was passed as he personally directed the corporate integrity program and submitted it to the ministry of transparency. Although it took two years from start to finish, the outcome was well worth it in the end.

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