Bruno’s True Tales

Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali practices law. He also writes stories – in his spare time. He currently lives in Brazil with his beautiful family and shares excerpts from a few of his favorite tales in Brazil, of which he even helped to compose. See a summary of each:

Bruno Fagali – Ezekiel

Ezekiel’s lesson was short and sweet, and it came in the form of a ten-minute walk: His faith was rewarded, and he received sight. He knew this was a step into greater things – and only a piece of the puzzle of life’s great mysteries. He would visit the statue daily. A young orphan, blind and not truly cared for or given much attention, one day finds more than he bargains for in his local garden.

Bruno Fagali – Golden Necklace

They say that fighting for something and “standing tall”, even when all others have given up, is truly what makes a great soldier – and for Desmond Doe, that could not be more true. A hero of the war at Hacksaw Ridge, and one who saved 153 men’s lives in one sole fortnight, can attest to this fact. It’s important to have something to hold onto in life’s storms, and believe me, they will come: Are you ready? A word of encouragement, a memento, a promise to a friend, a belief in God – all these things help, and in Desmond’s case, it’s a golden necklace. This golden necklace is no ordinary one, according to him, but the one that he promised his girlfriend – on her very deathbed – that he would take care of with his very life, even if on the battlefront.

A promise is a promise. Promises are tested, and that is exactly what happens next. Will Desmond prove true?

Bruno Fagali – Philly Lovers

Beautiful colonial Philadelphia is ripe green with its new influx of ripe, spring berries and orchard trees – only complimented by the beautifully lush grass and the song of the birds as it fills the morning sky. In the midst, two lovers lay under the clouds.

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