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George Soros Email Leaks Spark Anti-Semitic & Anti-Israel Conspiracies

George Soros is no stranger to mud-slinging or innuendoes from conspiracy theorists who largely accuse him of being anti-Semitic. For a long time, right-wing supporters have woven all sorts of tales and concocted conclusions that paint the Hungarian-born philanthropist as anti-Israel. The latest reactions stem from a George Soros Wikileaks email dump from the Open Society Foundation. Some of the information in the emails indicates that some groups in Israel and Palestine got funding from Soros. The mission of said groups on is to watch out for actions by Israel forces that violate human rights. Looking at it objectively, such groups play a significant role in keeping governments in check, which is something that should be celebrated. Of course, pro-Israel supporters don’t hold the same opinions.

The Open Society Foundation

Soros together with the Open Society Foundation has been victims of all types of propaganda from all corners. The Foundation is the brainchild of Soros and was founded in 1979 to move from communism. It now works to establish democracy and tolerance across different parts of the globe. Through Open Society, Soros played a huge role in bringing down Communism in the Eastern Bloc. Over the years, the foundation has opened offices in various regions of the world to promote the concept of open society and to help citizens who are unfairly treated. Any George Soros conspiracy tries to undermine his philanthropic work by attacking his objectives of promoting an open society.

Anti-Semitic Accusations

Another point of focus of the George Soros emails is his intentions to deal with Israel racist policies. Pro-Israel right-wing supporters are using that as a platform to present Soros as a hater of the white race with hidden agendas. It is not the first time George Soros has been a subject of malicious accusations. In 2010, Glen Beck, a popular right-wing pundit span a very intricate George Soros conspiracy where he expressed his exaggerated concern that the billionaire businessman was out to destroy America. With arguments laden with anti-Semitic slurs, he intimated that Soros hated the Jews and that he was the hidden force behind many a collapsed government.

It is believed that the hackers responsible for the George Soros WikiLeaks emails have connections to the Russian government, which has been quite vociferous against all things Soros. There is also concern that the George Soros emails aim to influence US elections since he is a larger contributor to the Clinton Campaign.

Soros, the Man

The business magnate who survived Hungary during the Holocaust by hiding in plain sight through the use of a fake identity has worked hard to make a difference in the world. Soros has obtained most of his money from currency speculation and stocks and often ranks top 50 of Forbes wealthiest people. Over the years, Soros has funded numerous foundations and groups that have been at the forefront of fighting dictatorship. Even amidst all the innuendos and suppositions, George Soros has remained unfazed by his detractors and continued to support societies that aim for change. He once wrote, “My success has given me a greater degree of independence than most people, and this allows me to take a stand on controversial issues; actually, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.”

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