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Limited Edition EOS Lip Balm Duo Set Might Go Fast!

The EOS lip-balms have become very popular over the past ten years since they first came out, and for a good reason. The little spherical balls have rejuvenated the chap-stick industry and made lip moisturizers fun again! One of the latest popular offerings from EOS is a cute pack of three lip balms, that you can buy all together, hop over here. The set includes the limited edition “Visibly Soft Melon Cucumber” lip balm, which was really popular when it came out. I think these sets are going to go fast!

The Visibly Soft Melon Cucumber lip balm was so popular because it contains melon extract and cucumber extract, which gives it such a unique, summery flavor, browse and shop here at Melon and cucumber go really well together, but it seems that people forget about this pairing. Cucumber is refreshing and crisp, and melon is sweet and fruity. Together, these two flavors compliment each other and make for an amazing treat! The Melon Cucumber balm comes in a soft green container, which has a calming feeling to it. In addition to the Melon Cucumber balm, the set includes a Strawberry Sorbet flavor. When you are in the mood for a lip-balm that is sweet and rich, go for this flavor. It smells delicious and feels even better! It is full of the ingredients that EOS is known for: shea butter, coconut oil, and more.

EOS is a USA, New York based company that has been growing over the past ten years. The company came out with their first varieties of cute little spherical lip balms in 2006, and at first no one knew what to think! The founders had to bring the product to many stores before finally being picked up by a chain store that loved what they had come up with, refer to The EOS (which stands for Evolution of Smooth) products started flying off of the shelves, and now they are offered world-wide.

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