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What Legacy is Duder Melzer Leaving Behind at RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is known by many as Duda Melzer. He is the current president of the RBS Company, and also the chairman of the board of directors. Duda is the grandson of the founder of the company and has managed to transform the company positively really. The company deals with businesses that are connected with the digital sector. He has managed to raise the business to a level where it is commanding a lot of respect both locally and internationally. The company is currently based in Grande de Sul, and they now have influence all the way to the United States.

According to Globo, Duda completed his studies when he was 26. He is a graduate of business administration at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande du Sul. He followed this with getting an MBA from Harvard University. He is 44 years old now, and the path he has followed to his current position is enough evidence that he is a visionary leader and that he has upheld the legacy that was left behind by the many others that came before him.

The many people who have listened to Eduardo speaking or watched him in leadership admit that he is a different breed. He says that he draws most of his inspiration from businessmen such as the American John Davis. He also admits that investing in his academic life is another step which he took and which fuelled his success. John Davis, his primary source of inspiration, is a professor at Harvard and also one of the most popular financial consultants in the world. Duda states that separating the ‘Family’ aspect of the business from the rest of it has been his key towards success.

Besides work, there are many philanthropic causes that Duda takes part in. These include projects that are meant to uplift the less fortunate in the community and those that uplift their living standards in general.

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Alexandre Gama: Top Quality Advertising Service In Brazil

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The Luxury Hospital, the Copa Star

Imagine a hospital where you can lie in luxury in your bed, and control the lighting, the air, and the curtains from your bed by using an application on a tablet. Imagine having your visitors treated like guests rather than visitors, with a five star restaurant instead of a hospital cafeteria. Imagine a hospital lobby with luxurious sofas and high-end works of art. Imagine luxury and conveniences throughout the hospital. Imagine a hospital, if you will, that has suites instead of rooms. And imagine that hospital on the beach in Brazil’s top tourist area.

You must be at the Copa Star, the Copa Cabana’s latest resort. Well, not a resort. It’s a hospital.

If you’re under medical care in Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Star is the place to be. It marries the idea of a five-star hotel and a luxurious hospital rolled into one. It’s the prime idea of the D’or network, which operates and owns more than 20 other major hospitals in Brazil. It has 150 suites, 55 intensive care units, and nine operating rooms. It has a state of the art diagnostic center and nine robot assisted operating rooms. View the design at RafArquitetura.

The high end artwork is that of the world-renowned Japanese artist, Yutaka Toyota. He is known for sulptures, paintings, and the use of plastic in his works. The executive director of D’Or is Rodrigo Gavina, and the idea of the 115-million dollar Copa Star was his. He has plans to build more hospitals like the Copa Star to other parts of Brazil.

As mentioned earlier, the restaurant is not like the cafeteria at regular hospitals, with a menu of the day. The Copa Star boasts a five-star restaurant with renowned chefs where the patients’ guests may sit down to gourmet dining. The bedroom are not bedrooms; they are suites, where the patient’s guests may stay overnight if desired.

Intensive care has a video system that allows the patient to view the beach, the street, or any other number of locales. This is done to let the patient feel more open because of the fact that intensive care is a very confining experience.

All the suites come with video interfaces with the doctors and nurses on a continuing basis. A doctor can discuss and show the patient the results of tests.

If you are in need of medical care while in Brazil, by all mean, check out the Copa Star. You’ll be glad you did.

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The Business Mind Of Flavio Maluf


The Chief Executive Office of Eucatex, which is an industry and trade company in Brazil, is Flavio Maluf. He has held this position since April 29th, 2005. But, has taken a keen interest in the running of the company for over thirty years. Maluf’s educational path was that of a lawyer, mechanical engineer, and a very accomplished entrepreneur. He has attended New York University. While there he took courses in Business Administration. He has a passion for helping others and gets involved in a number of charity events.


Eucatex began operating in 1951. The company has the distinguished honor of being the first company which got involved with the harmful conditions that affected the environment, and the first to manufacture tiles and ceiling panels by the using the eucalyptus plant. Along with a factory in Botucato a city in the southeastern region of Brazil, Eucatex opened another in 2010 in Sao Paulo.


In 2014 the company’s profit was $10.7 million, in Brazilian currency, which was a thirty percent increase. Maluf credited much of it to the export of their products, which consist of furniture and construction panels.


Eucatex success is credited to Flavio’s understanding, and conviction as a business person who took a small business and made it into a global success, as Flavio’s LinkedIn indicates. Flavio said the company has a knowledgeable group of managerial individuals who are very knowledgeable on the day to day running of Eucatex, assertive, and they also know the Brazilian and worldwide market.  Make sure to follow Flavio on Facebook for more recent updates.