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Mike Burwell`S Biography And His Insights On Business Success


Mike Burwell is the Chief Financial officer at Willis Towers Watson. Mike replaced Roger Millay who voluntarily resigned from the giant financial firm on 0ctober 2 2017. Burwell went to Michigan State University and graduated with a Bachelor`s degree in Business Administration, accounting option. In 2010, Michael Burwell was awarded the Michigan State University Alumnus accolade, thanks to his technical and educational contributions.


Mike`S Career

Before his appointment at Willis Towers Watson, Mike worked for over three decades at Price Water house Coopers. During his tenure, he worked in the assurance practice in the business advisory department for 11 years. Later in 1997, he was elected as a partner in the firm and was shifted to the Detroit transaction business. He led the Detroit successfully and was nominated as the leader of Price water house coopers in the US. In 2009, he was officially appointed as the Chief Executive Officer cum Chief Financial Officer and led the entire PWC`s business across the states. In 2012, he became the vice chair of the global and US. Transformation where he expanded and built most internal functions that included, technology, finance, global sourcing and Human Capital. Mike also worked as a senior relationship advisor and partner for some clients. Click Here to learn more.


Mike`s Lifestyle

Mike`s day starts at 5 Am, with a routine of making his bed. According to him, the habit gives him a sense of accomplishment before he goes into the day. He then proceeds to his peloton bike and uses the moment to plan his day and device strategies to achieve all his goals. Michael Burwell loves listening to young people since he believes that they are a hub of great ideas. He is a technology enthusiast and loves engaging his followers on social media platforms.

Burwell has previously failed in business. His most memorable failure came some years ago when he led a team into developing a new technology, and after discovering it would not be competitive, he quit and lost a lot of money. The failure has always been his stepping stone to avoid future failures. He advises prospective investors to still do prior research before putting their money in any deal. Mike believes in collaboration, but he strongly opposes consensus. He thinks that the more you agree about a deal, the fewer results it will produce. You should hence learn the power of disagreement and avoid making everybody happy every time if you want to be successful in business.


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