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UTC Thrives Because Of Chenevert

The United Technologies Corporation is an aerospace manufacturing industry that is valued over $68 billion. Currently in is North America’s leading business and aircraft and jet engine production. This remains true for both the commercial sector in the military sector. The reason that United Technologies Corporation has done so well is because of the wise leadership of Chief Executive Officer Louis Chenevert.


Chenevert strengthened the business of United Technologies Corporation by focusing on three things that he arrived. He focused on stabilizing their income, training and equipping the employees, and meeting current environmental regulations.


The global recession hit United Technologies Corporation, and it hit them hard. Few governments and businesses had the money necessary to buy entire jet engines from UTC. In order to solve this problem, Chenevert decided that it would be better for UTC to start creating parts that could be added to the jet engine and then charging for those repair services. UTC began producing jet sensors, auto-pilot controls, feeling efficiency converters, and auto landing gear. (More:



Chenevert also decided that UTC would be better off if they began training the workers to be more productive. The reality was that after an assessment was conducted, the employees at UTC were found wasting 80% of their time and other things. Chenevert knew that if UTC was to begin turning a profit once again, the workers would need to be working at 100% capacity. Through several workshops and courses, the workforce was educated once again in their job, and through promotions and bonuses, they were incentivized to begin working at maximum capacity. Go Here For additional information.



Chenevert also would help UTC by becoming more environmentally friendly. When he arrived, he realized that UTC’s biggest expense was paying off fines for breaking environmental regulations. He knew that they could not turn a profit if this was the case. By working with the engineering department, he was able to decrease the water consumption by 50% and produce fewer gas emissions by 28%. Read more about Chenevert on Crunchbase.



Chenevert would eventually step down from United Technologies Corporation and take on the consulting position with Goldman Sachs in their banking division. Follow him on Twitter.


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How Todd Lubar Sees The Adoption Of Smart Home Appliances

At the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, there was a business leader who wrote an article about “The Electric Home of Tomorrow”. He described how he envisioned the future which included people being able to send commands to their appliances or use a device to greet visitors by using a shortwave radio. He also saw other technological advances such as mood lighting where you can change the intensity of the lights and even the colors. As Baltimore real estate entrepreneur Todd Lubar points out, these things have now happened. The difference is we use our smartphones instead of shortwave radio but still, he had a pretty good vision of things to come. Check out Medium to know more.

In the last few years, people started installing smart doorbells in their homes that can sense when someone is nearby and so automatically ring the bell. Todd Lubar says that just about every new home that is being built now has mood lighting as standard. Some of these also allow them to be controlled by a smartphone app. Even more people are installing smart thermostats that learn the occupant’s patterns so that it knows when to heat and/or cool the home. For more details visit LinkedIn.

According to Patch, as an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has established a number of real estate companies over the years. He has also challenged himself by starting other companies, such as one where he operated a demolition business. A few years ago he established TDL Global Ventures which offers competitive mortgages to homebuyers. It was over twenty years ago that Todd Lubar first started in the real estate industry as a mortgage broker for a national firm. He has developed deep experience in financing mortgages so that people can attain their dream of owning a home.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar is fully prepared to take risks. He says that failure is just part of the deal and is nothing you should fear. If you’re not willing to take chances and build on an idea you have you will never discover the joy of building a company and benefitting the community in which you operate as well as yourself.

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Troy McQuagge’s Running USHEALTH Group Inc. towards Success

Recently, the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc., Troy McQuagge was named the Gold Winner as CEO of the year in the incredible One Planet Awards of 2017. The famous One Planet Awards is a worldwide premier awards program that recognizes excellent professional and business personnel in every industry globally. All organizations across the world are given a chance to submit nominations including private and public, well-known and startups and for-profit and non-profit companies.

Troy joined USHEALTH in 2010 and immediately introduced mechanisms that brought improvements. He started by rebuilding its captive distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. This reshuffling of the advisors produced a positive impact on the company which led him to be elected the president and CEO.

Under Troy’s leadership, USHEALTH has registered a series of improvements in the health insurance industry. Troy stated that it is an honor to be identified by One Planet Awards to receive the esteemed award. He added that the award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group and it is a testament to the firm’s consistent commitment to solving healthcare problems by providing affordable solutions.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is a health insurance firm based in Fort Worth, Texas working towards providing innovative health coverage for small business employers and their employees and self-employed people. Moreover, the company is famous for its customer service which has benefited many clients.

Mr. McQuagge is a native of Florida where he joined the University of Central Florida and graduated with a BA degree. He commenced his journey at the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983 where he expressed his hard working skills. Later in 1995, Troy entered the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). With his commitment, he was promoted to be the president of UICI’s subsidiary, UGA.

During his tenure, UGA increased its sales and was purchased by private equity investors in 2006 and changed to HealthMarkets. Troy was then put in charge of sales and marketing for the self-employed team, and in 2007 he became the president of HealthMarket’s Agency Group (AMG). He was successful in the company until in 2010 when he joined USHEALTH. Troy McQuagge is positive about taking USHEALTH Group Inc. miles ahead. Read more reviews at