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Dr. Saad Saad: Making it the Only Way He Knew How

As a young man, Dr Saad Saad was a Palestinian refugee living in the West Bank. His family was forcibly moved in the 1940’s to make way for Israeli settlement of what was once the Palestinian homeland.


Fortune would be kinder to Dr. Saad Saad in the future. His father was a skilled oil worker at a time when that profession was becoming more commonplace in the Middle East. This helped his family move to Kuwait, where they had better access to education opportunities.


Doctor Saad Saad’s father emphasized education to his son above all else: As a refugee with no legal standing, his skills and education would be his only path to a good life. After an incident as a teenager at a Kuwaiti construction site, Saad Saad decided he wasn’t cut out for a life of manual labor, even if it paid well. Realizing that doctors were always in an air-conditioned room, he resolved to make his mark as a surgeon.


Dr. Saad Saad advises to never leave for tomorrow what you can do today: This is, in his eyes, the difference between a successful person and someone who isn’t successful.


Dr. Saad Saad has put this advice into practice, becoming a world-renown pediatric surgeon. He was educated in the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia, and in the latter of which he spent ten years as the official pediatric surgeon for the royal family. He also performed operations for other children in Saudi Arabia, donating his time and skills to help children with no access to proper medical care. He once performed a record-breaking operation on an epileptic child that was broadcast to pediatric hospitals globally.


He has also invented a few new medical devices and techniques for pediatric surgery. He is always looking for new ways to make procedures easier for the surgeon and easier on the patient, inventing time-saving devices and techniques that increased surgical efficiency. The shorter and easier an operation, the better chance of success as well as less healing time for a patient, and considering that his patients are all children, Saad Saad had a vested interest in new procedures.


In the 1980’s, Dr. Saad Saad was the only pediatric surgeon approved by the U.S. Board of Surgeons who could speak both English and Arabic. This unique skill, combined with his singular talent for the field, made Saad Saad a sought-after surgeon. Learn more :

Deirdre Baggot Is Number 1!

Deirdre Baggot is number one when it comes to the healthcare field. She has strategically figured out ways of providing high quality, lower cost care to patients. Her ideas have been so helpful that various organizations have asked her to speak at their conferences. Read more at to learn more.

Deirdre Baggot’s job is to come up with ideas. In order to come up with ideas, she does a lot of research and thinks a lot about what she has learned. After researching an idea, she writes an idea down, and then presents it to a team of people who bounce the idea around and come up with something great.

One of Deirdre Baggot’s biggest concerns is medical errors. Medical errors happen to make up the third leading cause of mortality in the United States. There is a prediction that, this year, about two million people will pass away from infections that they will acquire at hospitals. This greatly disturbs Baggot, and has made her more passionate about how such things could be stopped.

She has a very focused, laid back attitude about life. For example, she likes to specifically focus on healthcare and nothing else because that is the area of expertise that she is best at. Baggot feels that she can really do her best and serve society the most when she is focusing on what she knows the most about. Baggot’s philosophy is that one should strive to be the person in the room who works the hardest. At the same time, she cherishes precious moments with her family. One of the most worth-it times when she spent $100 was when she took her daughter to see Taylor Swift in concert.

If Deirdre Baggot could talk to her younger self, she would tell her younger self to “chill.” Baggot believes that dating is a waste of a person’s time in high school—and even a waste of time in college.

She is really hot on the idea of checklists. Checklists keep people from doing too much, while also keeping people from doing too little. She loves checklists because of her experiences as a BSN nurse. Visit:


Who is Jorge Moll and Why Should You Care?

His name may not be well-known in your household, so you may be wondering about this very question. In actuality, Jorge Moll has made great contributions to society as a neuroscientist and as a person. So really, you ought to get to know his name. Keep reading and we shall explain.


Although still a relatively young man, Jorge Moll has accomplished a lot. He graduated from medical school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back in 1994 and also finished his residency in neurology in 1997 at the same university. Professionally, right now he is the “Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Section” in Bethesda, Maryland in the United States. At this same time, Jorge Moll is the director and president of a large institute that is well-known throughout Brazil.


In addition to his professional achievements, Jorge Moll has been involved in several important research studies for which there has been printed information on the results ( It must be noted that he contributed to the writing of these findings. Amongst the studies is one on “The Neural Basis of Human Moral Cognition” and another entitled “Morals and the Human Brain: a Working Model.”


As you may gather, moral behavioral studies and issues are very important to Jorge Moll (YouTube). He is widely believed to be an expert on this topic. This also makes him an inspiration to many people. When seeking advice on moral behavior, he is the go-to guy. He is always correct and never disappoints his believers.


Jorge Moll has received a number of awards for his work. This includes the Research Fellow NIH award and a myriad of other awards and honors. He has also been elected as a Governors board member of “the International Neuroethics Society” and to the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. There is little doubt that you now understand the valuable contributions that Jorge Moll has made to mankind. You will surely be reading more about him in the years to come. Bravo, Jorge Moll!

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