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David Giertz On Confusing And Scary Social Security Questions: Clients And Financial Advisors Must Boldy Take Them On

Financial advisors are supposed to present all aspects of a retirement plan and the estimated retirement income from that plan to their clients according to However, there are those that feel Social Security has become a touchy subject and something that some financial advisors have a tendency to gloss over and that the client may hesitate to ask about.

David Giertz of Nationwide Financial feels that the retirement and insurance industry might need a small correction at This is not some attention getting statement; the Nationwide Retirement Institute conducted a survey that revealed some 30 percent of people already receiving Social Security are getting less money than they thought they would. But, the bottom line here really is money as there is also the fact that people who decide to claim Social Security earlier than they really have to could lose up to 300,000.00 over 25 years. In simpler terms; that is $1,000.00 per month.

However, David Giertz has stated that this goes both ways; a financial advisor that shies away from Social Security may find they are losing clients.

He feels one of the major factors in this unfortunate trend is the Social Security Rule Book containing 2,700 rules. The idea he presents is the financial advisor not only feels a professional accountability; but also one of personal conscience. Most financial planners on Twitter are just like other people at work; they want to do the best job they can but 2,700 rules is a lot of information to understand and remember at the drop of a hat.

David Giertz has more than 30 years of experience in financial investments currently working with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He graduated with a degree in business from the University of Miami and is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. He is also licensed and certified to act as a financial advisor in more than 15 states.

Talk About Social Security or Lose Business – David Giertz to Advisers

According to David Giertz, President, Nationwide Financial Sales Distributors (NFS Distributors Inc.), the social security handbook has over 2,700 rules.

Why advisers don’t talk about social security

“That’s a lot to comprehend. It’s very complex,” he says. It is the probable reason why most Financial Advisors avoid the subject. Understanding social security to the core on Spokeo and having confidence around all its rules is intimidating.

Why retirees plan to ditch their advisors

David Giertz has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, holds a Board of Trustees position at the Millikin University and is an industry arbitrator with FINRA.

He recently revealed that several retirees and those nearing retirement age are planning to change Advisers if they don’t discuss social security henceforth.

Speaking to Wall Street Journal’s Columnist Veronica Dagher on Wealth Adviser, David said he found this out from the people who were engaged in Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute’s survey.

Unawareness on social security

Most of them were not aware that social security makes up to 40% of the income of elderly Americans and about 40 million people are enjoying social security retirement benefits on Finra. And that, for the better part, social security takes care of 90% of their needs.

David Giertz also noted, very important social security conditions and terms are unknown to clients. For instance, “Turning on social security too early could lead to loss of up to $300,000 over 25 yrs. That is $12,000 a year or $1,000 a month.”

Social security benefits

On the contrary, if one waits to take their benefits past their full retirement age, their allowance will grow by 8% of the full retirement amount annually.

That means if your full retirement age is 66 and you wait until you are 70 – when benefits stop increasing, your monthly benefit will be a whole $1,320 instead of $1,000. It will have increased by 32%.

Retirement income optimization

If advisers step up their efforts to address and discuss the social security matter, they will play an important role in their clients’ optimization of retirement income.

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Davos Makes Waves With Innovative New Real Estate App

The Davos Real Estate Group has finally released it’s much anticipated real estate calculation and investment application aptly called the Davos CAP Calculator. The app works in a particularly interesting way by allowing prospective real estate investors to properly and accurately calculate all costs associated with any property locations. Additionally, the app can deftly locate available property, where it is and how much it costs. Lastly, the Davos CAP Calculator has the unique property of connecting Davos clients directly with Davos agents. This means that at the drop of a dime prospective property investors can team with a extensive network of financial advisers, sales processors, lawyers and other investment experts.

The Davos Real Estate Group CAP Calculator app is currently released to be compatible for two mobile platforms, those being the iPhone and Android mobile devices. However, Davos Real Estate Group has publicly stated that, as the app continues to evolve in functionality, so to will it be expanded to various other platforms in the future.

David Osio, the CEO and chairman of the board has publicly stated that the idea for the app came around due to direct interaction with his client base who had been asking for some time for a way to more quickly and accurately gauge the risks attentive to their prospective investments. Osio is no stranger to innovation or client management, having worked at the very top of many banks throughout his career in finance and has been credited as one of the foremost figures in all of recent Venezuelan finance. Given this massive backlog of experience behind the product, it’s safe to say that those investors who had been highly anticipating the Davos CAP App will be anything but disappointed.

However, this is far from the end of the company’s foray into the wide world of digital apps. As David Osio and Chief Director, Gerald Gonzalez have publicly stated that the Davos CAP App is just the beginning of a long line of multifaceted investment tools to help their clients achieve the perfect portfolio.

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Richard Blair Financial Advisor

If you are considering trying to earn extra income by renting part or all of your home using Airbnb, as your rental agent, there are a few things you should know. While thousands of people worldwide have rented on a short-term basis rooms or even their entire house using an agency such as Airbnb with great success, there have been instances that have exposed unexpected problems for the homeowner. A recent article by Richard Blair, of Wealth Solutions, pointed out a few things the homeowner should understand before deciding to become a part-time amateur hotelier. Learn more:

Before you take in renters you should realize you are liable for any injuries they might incur, property damage or even your neighbor’s property, theft, illegal activities which could lead to an eventual lawsuit. You should also realize that not everyone pays their rent.

Short-term rental situations are not covered by most homeowners policies this leaves you personally responsible for any liabilities incurred by your tenants. Don’t be misled by the insurance offered by your leasing agent Airbnb or any other agency you might choose. These policies offer what is known as secondary coverage, meaning they don’t pay anything until your personal resources are exhausted.

Knowing the financial risk of becoming a part-time hotelier is very important so talk with an insurance professional or a wealth and investment specialist before you commit to an agreement with any leasing agency.

Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Austin Texas, is the type of investment specialist you should consult. Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. He is the sole owner of the company and has been involved in securities for over 22 years. His stated goal is to always be objective and unbiased in any advice he might give to a client. By sticking to his commitment and always placing the client first Richard has made a positive difference in the lives of his clients including individuals, families and many small business owners.

Over the years Richard Blair has fine-tuned his knowledge and experience of retirement planning. He will help you avoid the many pitfalls that you might make when trying to plan your retirement.