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Herbalife Is A Respected Nutritional Supplement Company That Athletes Have Come To Trust:

World famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is sponsored by Herbalife an is a regular user of the company’s outstanding supplements. Ronaldo comes from a family with deep soccer roots and so he always saw it as a major part of his life. During his younger years, nutrition was not at the top of his priority list when it came to working on his game. Over time though, he realized the importance that nutrition plays in an athletes life in terms of their overall state of well being and optimization.


For Cristiano Ronaldo, partnering with a respected and knowledgeable company like Herbalife, one that produces supplements that he uses regularly himself, is a way of sending out the message of how important nutrition is for aspiring young athletes. This is something that he didn’t realize when he was younger but it is something that he wants to pass on to the younger generation in the sport. As a father, he also takes a great deal of pride in passing on knowledge to his son about the importance of nutrition. It is all part of his desire to impart some knowledge to his son he simply lacked when he was a young man.

Herbalife Nutrition was founded back in 1980 and today provides employment for some eight thousand people worldwide. The company works off of a multi-level marketing business model in order to distribute its outstanding supplements that include products for nutrition, weight management, personal care and also sports nutrition. Herbalife has reached a level of success with its business model that today it has operations in ninety-five countries across the globe. Herbalife is also proud to have helped many athletes from any and every sport out there to maximize their potential. The testimonials of sports stars such as soccer’s Cristiano Ronaldo are one of many glowing reviews by athletes who have found that Herbalife’s products have provided great benefits for them.

Find Out Exciting CTCA Job Details That Offer Many Benefits

Now is the perfect time to find out exciting CTCA job details that offer many benefits and a fully rewarding workplace where positive attitudes are the norm. If anyone has ever worked in a healthcare setting that seemed overwhelming with stressed out employees, perhaps a job change can uplift your spirits again. Most individuals that do get into healthcare work do so because they truly want to help those patients that need their care. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is an outstanding place to hone your healthcare skills while learning new ones in the exciting and fast-faced oncology field.

CTCA is now hiring several types of job positions in their impressive healthcare organization.This outstanding healthcare provider specializes in caring for those adult patients that have newly discovered or are in the process of getting cancer treatments. All of the staff hired by this revered healthcare group looks for the best candidates that not only offer superior skill sets, but also have an inner drive to help people that are going through serious health crises. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a large healthcare organization that has been in operation for long decades.

They are considered one of the finest cancer care treatment centers for adult cancer patients that come to their doors from across the country and around the globe. Those interested in joining an excellent team of highly skilled and amazingly compassionate healthcare and supportive team members should look into the new job openings to see if one is a fit for their particular interests and career goals. From nursing positions, administrative jobs, hospitality and personalized patient services, kitchen workers, cleaning crews to many other critical care positions are looking now for qualified candidates. Come see what Cancer Treatment Centers of America can offer for your specific needs.


Dr. Mark Holterman grew up in rural Wisconsin, the son of a farmer who stepped outside the family business to become a highly sought-after Board Certified, Pediatric, and General Surgeon. He practices at the St. Francis Medical Center, the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Holterman is a member of the American College of Surgeons and of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In addition, Holterman operates on and cares for pediatric patients at the hospital facilities of the University of Illinois, where he also conducts medical research–studying stem cell and other regenerative treatments to fight diabetes and cancer.  Read reviews here.

Having spent years of training in science research and clinical medicine, Holterman understands and appreciates the medical advances arising out of mistakes and discoveries beginning at the patient’s bedside to the medicine cabinet.

Correspondingly, Dr. Holterman has co-founded The Hanna Sunshine Foundation, a nonprofit for children suffering from chronic illnesses who can benefit from regenerative treatments at a cellular level.

As CEO of Mariam Global Health, and investment firm funding and managing innovative medical businesses.

Dr. Holterman’s wife, Ai-Xuan Holterman, is from Vietnam, and on a 2007 trip to her former country, the couple visited Ho Chi Minh City where they toured the local children’s hospital.

The Holtermans were reportedly distressed at the overcrowding conditions often preventing individual patients from being properly cared for. They found many times family members were partial caregivers, staying (of necessity) with patients, which was causing concern in multiple areas.

These findings were the impetus for the Holtermans and the chief surgeon of the Ho Chi Minh City children’s hospital to collaborate on the creation of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN.

As a result, IPSAC-VN is an American nonprofit teaming U.S. medical professionals with their Vietnamese counterparts. The organizational goal is to improve all hospital functions to reduce infections through newer procedures, training, and equipment.

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