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Magnises: The Lifestyle of the Elite

Magnises was founded in August 2013 by New York City native Billy McFarland. He was born in 1991 in NYC but grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey. He dropped out of college towards the end of of freshman year to pursue business ventures. The entrepreneur officially launched the membership on March 1st, 2014 as a way to give perks and access to miscellaneous businesses and night clubs to the millennial generation of young professionals.

It resembles an American Express Black Card, however it is not an actual credit card. It can be used in place of an original debit or credit card with the Magnises technology. This article will further discuss the amaazing benefit and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with being an member of this elite club. It can truly take your life to the next level.

Magnises bases its offered experiences on what the individual’s interests are from a cultural and professional stand point on Members can enjoy exclusive art previews and members-only live entertainment. The company has several hotspots available where members can conduct meetings, catch up on work or enjoy one another company.

The membership comes with a several benefits of perks on These include members-only nights an exclusive nightclubs, great seats at sporting events, access to concerts, shows and private events, networking with industry leaders, travel upgrades, exclusive discounts with the latest clothing brands, plus many more.

Magnises hosts several private dinner parties with notable chefs and at newly opened restaurants. Members can enjoy exclusive menu items in hidden dining rooms. You can also get access to sold out events like concerts.

Magnises does not have to be used in large metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or New York City. The membership perks can be enjoyed in the trendiest parts of your own town.

Currently the membership offers a concierge service app. It allows members to get recommendations for dining and nightlife around their city. It also answers general questions on demand.

To join, simply log onto and submit an application. Magnises will response within 24-48 hours to give an update on whether the application has been accepted. The also offer status updates on the review process. The membership comes with an annual fee of $257.55. There is no sign-up fee or a spending requirement. It is available in large metropolitan cities across the United States and currently has over 10,000 active members.

This black card has been featured on several news outlets, such as The New York Times, XXL Magazine, Billboard, Forbes, Inc.,Business Insider, and CNBC. It is constructed of a durable metal and can last a long time.

Magnises truly gives you the experience of a luxurious lifestyle. The possibilities are endless. You can mingle with new friends and make ones. You may discover new business connections or a new yoga buddy. If you are not sure what to do on a Saturday night, simply ask the concierge app and it will guide you.