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Jason Hope: The Internet Of Things Die-Hard

Jason Hope is at technology lover who just loves to research about scientific breakthroughs and share them with his readers on his blog. However, he is mostly interested in the Internet of Things. Currently living in Scottsdale, in the state of Arizona, the Finance and MBA Degree holder has remained an active supporter of the education sector. Jason Hope has been particularly vocal in research pertaining to curing cancer.

The Internet of Things primarily refers to the connection of common ordinary devices to sync together. Recently he wrote and shared a blog talking about the best new gadgets for men. He starts out talking about a pair of smart running shoes that never run out of batteries. Another example he states is smart ice cubes, surely what can be cooler than that.

Jason Hope also explains how many Airlines are getting more interested in the Internet of Things. Airlines are not about to be left behind as Virgin Atlantic have Boeing 787s that are entirely wireless connected to the web. Apart from simpler aircraft monitoring, soon each process associated with air travel will be carried out using IOT.

Jason can be defined as the real meaning of a jack of all trades; he is well known as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although he is captivated by many other things, mostly futuristic gadgets and the Internet of Things are his favorites. He carries out research in many fields including space exploration, Bio-Technology and Computer Information Systems.

Hope has contributed a lot towards the prevention and cure of diseases especially in the control of leukemia and in the search for a cure for cancer. He sponsors an extensive list of organizations mostly dealing with healthcare, the youth, orphans, and education. Apart from all the things Internet, Jason is also interested in politics. Something that may come as a shocker to many given his tremendous contributions to scientific research, technological advancement and philanthropy.

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Online Reputation Management Firm Repairs it’s Own Reputation

The online world can be your best friend or your worst enemy. A bad online image can significantly impact a company or individual, and even those that specialize in repairing their clients online reputations can be caught in the crosshairs and need to work a little magic on themselves. Status Labs is one such company to experience this.

Status Labs is based in Austin Texas and has been in the online reputation management business since 2012. They have offices and clients all over the world thanks to their success with improving online reputations.

Their skill and success with their clients has led to many accolades. Their president and CEO Darius Fisher was named one of PRWeek’s Innovation 50 in 2015. He was also a speaker at Impact15, where he discussed the importance of your digital presence. Even with all this success Status Labs wasn’t protected from suffering a similar fate as their many clients.

What happened? Well, about a year ago an executive of Status Labs engaged in some negative activities in their personal life that brought them, and then Status Labs into the news. Soon after Status Labs began to receive some significantly negative responses from their local community and online. As any company in this situation would do, Status Labs took action to correct the negative decline of their online image.

What they did worked beautifully. First once news spread of the executive’s actions the employee’s demanded he resign immediately. Then they shared this story and an image of their employees with the news and online which showed that the company in no way condoned or supported his actions.

This situation also showed the President of the company how little their involvement in the community had been, so he began several community outreach programs. In addition to the community involvement, the President also felt that his employees weren’t being taken care of so perks like stock options, catered Friday lunches, outings, and more were implemented.

Each of these changes grouped together resulted in significantly improving both the employee satisfaction and their online image, and having experienced their own crisis may have brought a deeper understanding of their clients experiences and could give Status Labs a leg up on the competition.

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