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George Soros Surpasses Expectations as a Philanthropist and Service to Society

In October 2017, the Open Society Foundation received an unexpected surprise from billionaire George Soros. George announced that a large part of his wealth is being donated to the foundation that he founded in 1979. The Open Society Foundation will receive $18 billion of his total fortune which is estimated at $23 billion.

George created Soros Fund Management and became a billionaire in 1992 after a successful short sale of pound sterling that was worth an estimated $10 billion at the time. He has been on list of Forbes magazine as one of the top 400 wealthiest people in the world more than a few times. His wealth has afforded him many opportunities, yet George continues to seek an abundance of opportunities to do philanthropy work.

George’s view of the world comes from his humble beginnings in Hungary, when at the age of 13; he witnessed the occupation of Nazi-Germany. He and his family eventually headed to England to flee from the atrocities and injustices of human beings. After leaving England, George immigrated to the United States in 1956 and forged ahead to become a businessman but never forgetting the world in which he once lived. His values are based upon the sincerity of doing the best for society and standing up for those who cannot always speak for themselves. He also believes in holding the government accountable for any actions necessary to keep a productive infrastructure for the societies it oversees.

The philanthropy efforts by George have plagued those who don’t understand or have become numb to the idea of philanthropy, and there has been an attempt to demonize his success with helping others. There is an indisputable doubt that George has contributed well-over $11 billion to many charitable causes in the last four decades. Yet, the very intent for those earmarked contributions has left some activist groups and political groups to question his intentions. Perhaps this has increased because of his $27 million contribution to help the Democratic Party through the last decade, or the support of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham-Clinton during the 2016 election. Whatever the reason, George has remained unapologetic for using his wealth to do the right thing for a country that has given him so many opportunities.

The Open Society Foundation has helped countless organizations in over 100 countries, and George has overseen the grants, scholarships and fellowships by helping facilitate more than $32 billion over the 38 year history of the foundation. George is actively involved in supporting many communities and has provided personal contributions to women’s rights groups, the LGBT community, Black Lives Matter, civil rights organizations, voter’s rights groups and many grass roots efforts.

George Soros has been an exemplary philanthropist showing the global community what service does for all societies. Considering all that he has accomplished through his investment dealings, it would not be unexpected for him to continue to accomplish more. Yet even at the age of 87, through his compassion for helping others, George has exceeded expectations and raised the bar to new heights.

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