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The Citizens United Problem And How This PAC Is Combating It

The End Citizens United has achieved thousands of members and grassroots donors throughout their years fighting for a better political system, and the high numbers indicate a great progress towards a better United States. How did the group achieve so much success and how are they raising awareness of the Citizens United problem?

First, we have to understand the goal of the group and what they are fighting for.

The End Citizens United was created to raise awareness of the problem that arose with the acceptance and creation of the landmark Citizens United, which, in a failed attempt to increase the amount of interaction that the population could have with their favorite candidates and the amount of freedom of speech around the political scene, they opened a door that had always been closed for a very good reason.

The Citizens United landmark allowed for anyone to fund the campaigns of their favorite candidates in an attempt to show their support. This, however, has a number of problems that weren’t easy to foresee in the paper. Some magnates began using this landmark to exploit politics and fund the campaigns of their candidates while kind of doing a “deal with the devil” bargain. Many politicians have found themselves being funded and supported by billionaires, influential entrepreneurs, business owners and titans of the corporative world, and some began to work as puppets in strings, which is not a good analogy for someone that is in charge with the future of a population.

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This scenario has been seen in the most recent American presidential election, so it is a very recent problematic event.

George Soros, the infamous magnate and billionaire that is known for being the “man who broke the bank of England” is one of the richest men in the world and he was seen funding the campaign of Hillary Clinton against her opponent, Donald Trump. Although she lost, his influence and support were surely big assets in her fight against Trump. Do you feel controlled yet?

This same scenario has happened before countless times and in both big political disputes as well as smaller, concise ones. The problem is that this always has the same conclusion: Politicians that end up owing a favor or two to the good guys that funded their campaigns. This reality has to come to an end.

This is exactly the goal of the End Citizens United. They are a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is trying to warn American citizens about this problem and trying to gather support with members and donors. They have been able to achieve a lot already, with thousands of people that are rooting for the exclusion of this landmark.

If you think this has to come to an end, you might want to consider being a part of the movement and rooting for End Citizens United.

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