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Amazing Rodrigo Terpins

When it comes to the Terpins family, sports is a way of life. There’s Rodrigo, an amazing rally driver, father, Jack, who played professional basketball, and the younger brother, Michael, who also is a decorated rally driver. Rodrigo and Michael have founded a rally team together, Tea Bull Sertoes. They have participated in five rallies together. Did I mention that Rodrigo was 44 when this was accomplished?


Rodrigo did not always race, even though it was his passion at a young age. He went to Saint Hilaire College and got a degree in business management. He was CEO of a women’s clothing store, Lojas Marisa, and real estate agency before he answered his true calling, rally driving, all while opening his own rally company, T5 Particapoes.


While Rodrigo was young, him and his brother, Michael began to repair cars and train for rally driving. With sports being in his system, he could not resist. Now he is one of the best skilled rally drivers in the circuit. He has won many races and went on to rank #8 out of 38 in the 22nd Sertoes Rally, which consisted of 7 stages and 2600 kilometers. Rodrigo and his partner, Fabricio, were participating in the T1 Prototypes category.


Rodrigo, who resides in São Paulo, is a household name in Brazil. He credits his success with determination, practice, consisteny and hard work. If you love what you do, it’s not work! He also believes that doing what one likes consistently can lead to a career breakthrough. It just goes to show you that with hard work, consistency, practice and determination, all your dreams can come true.


Rodrigo Terpins also has a very large social media base. He can be reached on any of the social media outlets. Send him a tweet or give him a word or two of encouragement on Facebook.