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Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical Shares Tips To Save Money In The Summer

Goettl High Desert Mechanical is an air conditioning, heating and ventilation company that is based in Camp Verde, Arizona. They provide service to a large swathe of Northern and Central Arizona. For service in the Verde Valley or in Sedona call (928) 567 2200. Customers in the Quad Cities region should call (928) 772 2751.

Services provided by Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical include AC repair, new AC installation, HVAC system maintenance and ventilation duct sealing and cleaning. Goettl can also install and repair heat pumps and geothermal heating and cooling systems. In addition, Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical provides plumbing services that include water heater service, the fixing of leaks and installation of new water fixtures such as toilets.

Tip #1 Use A Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan uses very little energy but can cool you down significantly. Instead of raising down the thermostat, just turn on the ceiling fan. With the ceiling fan on, you will feel much more cooler and not have to crank up the AC. Ceiling fans also help circulate cooler air around your home. This helps create more evenly dispersed cool air in your home. So reach for the fan first before you reach for the thermostat.

Tip #2 Use A Smart Thermometer

If you are not taking advantage of a smart thermometer then you should start this summer. A smart thermometer is one that you can program. For example, you can set the thermometer to a much higher temperature when you are away then when you are home. After all, there is no need to cool the home down significantly when you are away. Program the smart thermometer so that it does not work as hard when there is nobody home. This way you will save money on unnecessary cooling costs which can really add up.