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Can Brown Modeling Agency Sustain Its Success?

Located in Central Texas is one of the leading modeling agencies in the U.S. This agency has put the city of Austin, Texas, on the map in more ways than one. Have you ever heard of Brown Modeling Agency? Founded by Justin Brown in 2015, this extraordinary agency has come from the actual combination of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. Both of these agencies specialize in either talent services or modeling services. The beauty of Brown Modeling Agency is that it caters to the entertainment industry as well as the modeling industry.


There are over 400 talented individuals that call this place home. The agency has grown by leaps and bounds and as of today, it has a second office in Dallas, Texas. What sectors of business does the agency provide work? To simply state it, Brown Agency covers the entire gambit of operations, which includes:


  • Fashion


  • Print


  • Industrial Video


  • Runway


  • Voiceover


  • Conference


  • Tradeshows


  • Film


  • Television


  • Commercial


  • And other fields



This combination of services help to boost and build a broader portfolio. This broader portfolio has helped Brown Agency compete in much bigger markets. It can play on the same field as the big boys. “We are only as good as our talent,” said Justin. This guy has been in the business for quite some time as he was once a model himself. Justin parlayed his modeling career into a college education, which has helped him to become an entrepreneur in a sense. Thanks to his education in business management, he is now making great business decisions, which benefits his company. No longer is he working in front of the cameras. Justin also has worked in the placement and development sector of business. Check out



Thanks to this great hands-on approach, Brown Modeling Agency’s talent are trained to display proper etiquette, and proper etiquette goes a long way. This amazing talent has produced work for Miami Swim Week, for Dallas Fashion Week, for Dodge, for HBO, for New York Fashion Week and for many other high-profile names.