Davos Makes Waves With Innovative New Real Estate App

The Davos Real Estate Group has finally released it’s much anticipated real estate calculation and investment application aptly called the Davos CAP Calculator. The app works in a particularly interesting way by allowing prospective real estate investors to properly and accurately calculate all costs associated with any property locations. Additionally, the app can deftly locate available property, where it is and how much it costs. Lastly, the Davos CAP Calculator has the unique property of connecting Davos clients directly with Davos agents. This means that at the drop of a dime prospective property investors can team with a extensive network of financial advisers, sales processors, lawyers and other investment experts.

The Davos Real Estate Group CAP Calculator app is currently released to be compatible for two mobile platforms, those being the iPhone and Android mobile devices. However, Davos Real Estate Group has publicly stated that, as the app continues to evolve in functionality, so to will it be expanded to various other platforms in the future.

David Osio, the CEO and chairman of the board has publicly stated that the idea for the app came around due to direct interaction with his client base who had been asking for some time for a way to more quickly and accurately gauge the risks attentive to their prospective investments. Osio is no stranger to innovation or client management, having worked at the very top of many banks throughout his career in finance and has been credited as one of the foremost figures in all of recent Venezuelan finance. Given this massive backlog of experience behind the product, it’s safe to say that those investors who had been highly anticipating the Davos CAP App will be anything but disappointed.

However, this is far from the end of the company’s foray into the wide world of digital apps. As David Osio and Chief Director, Gerald Gonzalez have publicly stated that the Davos CAP App is just the beginning of a long line of multifaceted investment tools to help their clients achieve the perfect portfolio.

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