How Securus Technologies is Bringing Families Together this Festive Season

Christmas is a great time for family and friends to come together and make merry. The celebrations last for days before the New Year dawns and then people go back to their regular routines. What about the people locked up in prisons all over the nation? How do they get to partake and join in the festivities with the rest of their loved ones back home?


Connecting What Matters


Thanks to the innovation made possible by Securus Technologies, people get a chance to keep in touch with each other using their smartphones and computers. They just sign up, download the app and after topping up their accounts, they are as good as done. Pay for the minutes you use via the automatic top-up option enabled.


Youtube Video


Six months ago, the firm published a video on Youtube. The 80-second long video is titled, ‘Securus Family Communication during Xmas.” The video showcases a family being brought together by the video visitation innovation by Securus.


In the video, the viewer sees a split-screen with a mom and a child on one end and an incarcerated dad on the other end. The kid is unwrapping the Christmas presents as the mom watches along. The father is moved beyond words, obviously elated to be with his family, albeit virtually.


Top Features


Using their official website is a pleasant experience. Users have the Live Chat feature whereby they can press to contact the customer care team anytime. The staff at Securus is renowned for their quick response times. There’s also the FAQ section to answer all your queries and questions. Customers can opt for Video Visitation or audio calls. Alternatively, they can utilize the jail voicemail feature to communicate with the other parties.




The establishment now serves well over 2,600 Correctional Facilities in the US and Canada. It plans to expand its portfolio from the 45 states it currently operates in and move to neighboring Mexico. To-date, the initiative reaches more than a million inmates.


About Securus Technologies


The company got founded in 1986. Its services include detainee communications, tracking inmates released on parole. The headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Since 2013, the company has sunk a total of more than $600 million in acquiring technologies, patents, and acquisitions.


In 2004, Securus merged with T-Netix and Evercom. Three years later, the firm won the prestigious title of the “International brand leader in Offender Management Systems-Syscon Justice Systems. The CEO is Richard A. Smith.

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