Krishen Iyer gives a Personalized Edge to Digital Marketing

Krishen Iyer helms a company called Managed Benefits Services in Fresno, California. The company specializes in health insurance and dental insurance marketing. They also offer leads consulting for health and dental insurance. He has wide experience in client relations, digital marketing and technical development.

Krishen Iyer believes that the underlying cause of the rise of ecommerce is because of the importance given by customers to the quality of customer service. He says that customer service is a vital component of the digital marketplace. He says that while marketing a brand and making customers familiar with a brand is an important part of marketing in the digital age, personalized customer service is still the key to business success in the digital age. He believes that no marketing campaign will be successful if one does not personally connect with customers.

Digital marketing experts like Krishen Iyer have influenced companies to understand the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with their customers. If a brand has to succeed, digital marketing has to be an essential part of the marketing campaign. Customers still think twice about choosing a brand that does not give good customer service.

Companies offering e commerce services touch base with their customers by making their representatives interact with customers on a regular basis. Others have taken the online route and interact with customers through the social media.

Many feel that e commerce and the digital market have made businesses impersonal and customer relationships and customer services will suffer. Iyer and other digital marketing experts feel that the technological innovations that were expected to make businesses impersonal have had the opposite effect. Companies are aiming at local marketing and making customer services a priority in their marketing campaigns. The internet age has ushered in an efficient, fast and personalized business environment.

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