Michael Zomber Loves Sharing His Knowledge

Weapons have played a tremendous role in the development of society. Every war has been decided partially by the weapons that were wielded by the sides within that world. Michael Zomber recognizes the importance of antique arms. He believes that antique arms have shaped the very world we live in, and he loves learning more about them.

Collecting and learning more about antique arms is Michael Zomber’s greatest passion. He has spent the last forty years of his life collecting antique weaponry, and he loves sharing his knowledge with people throughout the world. Michael has multiple outlets that he uses to share his knowledge and experience with people throughout the world.

The History Channel is an important outlet for sharing knowledge with others. Michael Zomber loves appearing on the channel. Tales of the Gun is one popular show that regularly features Michael Zomber.

Michael loves samurai swords, and he has for many years. Michael loves sharing his passion for Japanese weaponry. He uses every avenue available to share samurai sword history. He writes novels and he produces films to give more people access to knowledge.

Recently, Michael Zomber produced an amazing film on the Samurai lifestyle. Soul of the Samurai was a full-length documentary film that took a look at the Bushido code and the weapons that Samurais used. Many history lovers enjoyed watching this film, and Zomber has become a renowned historian throughout the world.

CrunchBase tells us that Zomber has become known for sharing his knowledge throughout the world, and recently he founded Renascent Films LLC. This film company will focus on producing educational documentaries so that all people can drink deeply from the knowledge that Zomber has to provide. Zomber has built a huge network of antique experts throughout Philadelphia that are happy to help produce new works.

He is sharing knowledge with people around the world, and he wants everyone to learn about the Samurai and antique arms.

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