New Administration And CEO Farron Bernhardt Is Proud To Call The Manse On Marsh His Place

The Manse on Marsh is offering new residents that chance at choosing their new home by just coming out and taking a tour. The Administrator of the Community is more than ready to help with any questions that may arise. The Manse recently took on the management of a new CEO Farron Bernhardt. He comes to the facility with over three decades of experience. Farron is more than happy to take on the duty of making the Manse number one. The facility already has a fantastic reputation and is making a good mark online.

Assisted living facilities are set up to house a resident with the proper safety equipment. Any person that comes into the facility will be able to choose their own house or apartment at the Manse on Marsh. San Luis Obispo, California is proud of the beautiful facility and community that houses many of the seniors in the area. The landscape is exquisite and the facility is tasteful. All of the San Luis Obispo areas can get the sense of the central coast that is close by. The sea air and the seagulls are the reason people know the ocean is close. These two things make this Arroyo Grande district one of the most sought after areas to live.

Assisted Living apartments are simple but ample. The apartments house the resident very comfortably. Each apartment has its own bathroom and bedroom area. Some have the separate bedroom where others have the area of the room that the bed sits. The apartments are set up in the Atrium area of the community. The Atrium also contains wonderful things such as a beauty salon. The residents can have their hair styled without leaving the premises. They can check out books in the on-site library. Most residents love that they can take a date to the onsite theater and end up at the Bistro at the end of the day.

The New CEO, Farron Bernhardt, has a lot to look forward to when he really gets his teeth sunk into the business. He has extensive history and talent when it comes to seniors so this job will be a wonderful challenge. Every time Farron steps into the building he feels the pride and allure of the Manse on Marsh home.

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