Waiakea Water: a Healthy and Sustainable Alternative

Have you been shunning away from bottled water? Well, you should be applauded for that. Plastic bottles create a lot of pollution and waste and often have filtered city water.

AquaGrade said that it is just not worth it! Waiakea water is, however, an exception. This water comes from a natural, pure alkaline source; it is sold in eco-friendly packaging and to add on that, the company has an international philosophy.

Launched in 2012, The Waiakea water founder Ryan Emmons was inspired by the fact that the water he drunk while spending time with his family in Hawaii had something special. He discovered that it was the purest, naturally healthy and sustainable water in the world.

What distinguishes Waiakea from other bottled waters?

Sourced from Waiakea spring, this water is naturally purified through a multitude of porous volcanic rocks before being bottled. The end product is rich in vital minerals and electrolytes, and it is unusually alkaline as well.

This gives the water its unique sweet taste. It boasts a distinctive PH and mineral composition. It is rich in electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and has almost the perfect amount of silica, 30mg, which lends a silky, soft mouth feel to the water. As Emmons puts it, studies show that taking 10 mg of silica in water per day can reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s by 11 percent.

According to Noob Prenuer, Waiakea water also boasts of a PH ranging from 7.8 to 8.8 which makes it naturally alkaline: purified or pure water contains an ordinary PH of 7.

While there are artificially alkaline waters, Emmons explains that by drinking them, the body assumes that it is getting more alkaline minerals than what is actually found in these artificially ionized waters. “Clinical studies show that drinking artificially alkaline water causes side effects and should basically be avoided,” says Emmons.

Waiakea boasts sustainable packaging that is made with top quality,100 percent recyclable polyethylene terephthalate, which uses 85 percent less energy while being manufactured compared to the virgin or regular plastic bottles. Carbon emission is also reduced by over 90 percent during the manufacturing process.

In the actual spirit of Aloha, Waiakea water highly invests in protecting the environment as well as helping the needy. It was the first bottled water in Hawaii to get certified, carbon neutral. Also, for every one liter of water sold, Waiakea donates a whopping 650 liters to locals in Africa and the world over. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.shopgourmet.com/products/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-artesian-water-16-9-oz-pack-of-24

Waiakea is sustainable, renewable and healthy water that is sourced and bottled at equipment that utilizes 33 percent renewable energy.

Home Automation Options through Gooee

Lots of homeowners are beginning to discover the power and convenience that comes from home automation. Home automation is more than just being able to have something that controls the temperature of your thermostat so that you can be more comfortable with in the home. In fact, a lot of home automation systems that you will find on the market also Implement different types of electricity options that allow you to turn lights on and off depending on what you currently need. This is why a lot of people are choosing home automation as well as smart lighting options that Implement more control over the electricity that can be found all throughout the home.

Gooee is one of the best companies for you to make you so when it comes to all of your home automation and smart lighting needs. Gooee has been around for quite some time now and offers a variety of different products that you will find totally beneficial for this specific reason. If you would like to learn more about the different features and options that are available by the Gooee company, you can visit their website or social media accounts to see what they have available to the average homeowner or even a business owner looking to implement home automation into their own companies. Saving money through home automation is a big benefit for a lot of people because you will be amazed at how much money you are actually able to save up throughout the course of a year.

Nathaniel Ru Makes People Believe in the Value of Healthy Eating

Venture Capitalists are ready to help further the mission of Nathaniel Ru and his Sweetgreen stores with the combined amount of $95 million dollars. Some entrepreneurs may have a hard time getting a single investor to get involved. Nathaniel Ru, however, has managed to get multiple investors in place. This is no coincidence. He started with a single Sweetgreen store in Georgetown. This buzz would spread in a way that people never believed that it could. Now there are investors that are putting up millions of dollars in order to see this company rise to the top.


A large number of people are interested in going out to dine, and Sweetgreen has become the type of organization that gives people access to choices that they did not have before. It was initially assumed to be something of a salad bar type of restaurant, but the warm bowls with a collection of meats and vegetables became a game changer. People in many different states have been able to taste the delectable meals that are part of the menu for Sweetgreen, but this is mostly a north, east and west coast environment. Sweetgreen has yet to consider the hearts of people in the south and the mid-west because these types of restaurants do not exist in these areas of the United States yet. That is why the venture capitalist money is so important. This will be the way that Nathaniel Ru makes it to other areas in the United States. He has shown a portion of the United States that healthy eating can be fun, but he needs that venture capitalist money to get the rest of the world to take notice.


There is a lot of buzz about the restaurant that has people eating healthy, but Nathaniel Ru knows that he has a long way to go. He is ready for the challenge though. He has no problem getting his company out to other locations because he is still passionate about the business. For him, this is just like the early days of the first Sweetgreen establishment. He has shown people early on that healthy eating has great benefits, and he does not have any desire to stop doing this.


Sweetgreen is getting in the school environment. Farmers are added to the equation because they bring in the fresh vegetables that keeps this dining establishment in business. Sweetgreen doesn’t seem like the big franchise that is making Americans obese with cheeseburgers and fries. Instead, each Sweetgreen restaurant seems like a neighborhood cornerstone that provides a healthy alternative. Each restaurant has different designs that are in place to draw attention to these restaurants. Nathaniel Ru has carefully crafted some interesting marketing strategies.


Real Estate Professionals at TOWN Residential

There lies one inherent fact about the New York City. Regardless of how the universe changes or the time that passes, New York City will remain to be among the most profoundly exciting in the world that you can live and work in. For all such reasons, the New York City has retained its natural lure for investors in the real estate sector, both when the market is performing well and poorly. The understanding of the charms, potentials and capabilities of the city that makes up the leading real estate professionals in this great city.


TOWN Residential is a real estate company based in the New York City, which specializes in matching special clients with their dream luxury residential properties in New York and its boroughs. Andrew Heiberger is the founder of TOWN Residential, which was instituted in 2010. Andrew serves as the firm’s co-chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The owner of Thor Equities, a partner with the TOWN Residential, serves at the enterprise as the co-chairman. When the TOWN Residential was being incorporated, it was when the real estate industry bubble in the US had a burst. As the sector was struggling to stand tall, it was a lot to cope with as the Great Recession of 2008 that caused a plunge in the stock markets followed it.


The recession and its impacts proved how the real estate market in New York City was robust and how strategic real estate marketing savvy pays off handsomely to realtors. Even as the global markets were recovering from the impacts of the recession, New York’s luxury residential market demonstrated to be very viable, and increasingly stable, profitable. The city’s allure for investors in real estate has come as a result of improvements in the formerly distressed New York areas as well as crime reduction.


As the recession drew back, luxury properties started gaining at both profile and price all that led to an escalation in the need for Brooklyn’s renovated properties. All through these substantial changes, TOWN Residential continued to meet the varied and unique needs of its clients in the city leveraging its expertise and knowledge in the markets. TOWN Residential specializes in leasing, marketing, and selling of residential property developments. The firm leverages a unique culture, winning formula, and a group of well-trained and experienced real estate representatives to serve its wide range of clientele. The company has managed in setting internationally recognized standards of excellence in the residential real estate sector. TOWN Residential boasts excellent support services to its clients and happy satisfied customers as well.


White Shark Media: Setting Up A Cycle Of Success

One thing that White Shark Media is good for is setting up a cycle of success. This is one of the best things that a business owner could do for his business. When someone sets up a cycle of success, then this basically puts him a prosperous position for a little while. All he has to do is to keep providing little updates to his site. He also has to make sure that he continues to provide the top notch service that brings in the clients and the income will keep pouring in. This is one of the best things that the business owner could hope for.


One must wonder what the cycle of success is. One example of a cycle of success is when a business provides a great service and sells great products. The customer is satisfied and spreads good word which leads to more customers visiting the site. The business owner continues to provide good business and sells good products to these customers, then there are more good reviews. As a result, the company is swamped with customers and sales. As a result, the business owner makes huge profits. He then has the option of expanding his business to other areas.


In order to get started with the cycle of success, one needs to be able to market his business to customers. It does take a lot of time to do so. If the business owner has the time and the desire to market his company, then he might be able to succeed. However, it does not hurt to get the needed help in order to bring in the desired amount of sales. In many cases, successful businesses do spend money in order to bring in more sales. White Shark Media is one of the wise choices when it comes to spending money.

Eric Pulier: A Businessman and Philanthropist for the Digital World

There are many wealthy people in the world today, each with his or her own way of handling their wealth. Most use their money for personal gain while others use it for the betterment of the nation. Eric Pulier falls into the latter category. He has built up an impressive amount of businesses, both large and small, but he has an even greater list of charities and other philanthropic work under his belt that makes his truly stand out.

Eric’s business ventures are impressive, to say the least, and many of them are well suited to today’s online society. He has such companies as Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Akana, Deskstone, and Media Platform on his resume as either a founder or a co-founder. But he doesn’t just start businesses, he helps them as well. He has invested in many companies, such as Trident Capital, various eBusinesses, and more.

These businesses and more might have gotten Eric his wealth, but that does not show how he spends it. And Eric Pulier has used his money to help fund many a charitable organization. He created educational software for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and is a major donator to US Doctors for Africa. He doesn’t just donate to medical charities though. In this increasingly technological era, digital charities are just as important. And groups such as ACE Foundation, the XPRIZE Foundation, and the Campaign for Free College Tuition all have Eric Pulier as a regular, high end financial donor.

You can find out more about Eric Pulier and his many accomplishments and philanthropic works on his web site at http://ericpulier.com/.

Delicious New Snacks From Livio Bisterzo And Green Park Brands

hippeas-7Snacking lets people have a short meal that helps them keep up their energy levels throughout the day. Anyone looking for a snack will have much to choose from. Many people want to have a snack that allows them access to important nutrients that can help combat the mid-afternoon slump and give them a sense of energy again.

This is something that those at the Green Park Brands know well. They know that any snack must be delicious and nutritious as well as highly convenient at the same time. This is why the founder and Chief Operating Officer of the company has decided the time is just right for a new snack that he and his staffers know their clients will enjoy eating. Their new product is sure to be one that people in the United States will totally embrace.

Organic Chickpea Puffs

Organic chickpeas have been a favorite snack for people of varied cultures. These peas are delicious, full of fiber and work with many kinds of tastes. Thus it is not surprising that Green Park Brands has chosen to introduce a new product based on this taste sensation. Their new brand, HIPPEAS, are made from totally natural ingredients that are an essential part of any diet. Each snack consists of a one ounce bag that can be taken anywhere. HIPPEAS can be kept on hand in an office closet or stored in a car when someone is on their way to work and needs something that will give them a quick burst of energy along the way to work. The HIPPEAS offer a lot of nutrition in a single serving. Each pack contains a whopping three grams of fiber and four grams of protein, making it an ideal addition to any diet.

Read More: http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Manufacturers/Hippeas-organic-chickpea-puffs-explode-out-of-the-blocks

An Innovative Vision

HIPPEAS is driven by the vision of the company’s founder, Livio Bisterzo, who wants to help offer his clients something special they can’t find anywhere else. He knows that today’s discerning snack buyer isn’t content with any old boring snack. They want a snack that offers them something truly special. Since the company’s founding, he has been at the heart of the company’s push into new and new markets. With his help, he has been able to push the very concept of snaking forward in an effort to redefine it. Bisterzo’s work today is all about new ideas that people will love.

Norka Martinez Luque – The Inspirational Singer who Touched Millions Of Hearts

Norka Martinez Luque is an upcoming inspirational Latino singer who is proving a role model for a young generation of potential singers and millions of people around the world. The inspiration is a result of the life-long struggle and challenges in her life, which Norka wants to use as a platform to give people, hope.

Since her early teen years, Norka wanted to sing. Her abilities were discovered by her family, who decided to give her full support. As such, Norka was used to work extremely hard because she had to attend ballet classes, piano lessons and voice practices classes, while pursuing her studies. Just like most inspiring students, Norka had to devout herself to the ambition, which kept her away from her friends and families for long periods of time. However, the desire to achieve impossible kept her hopes alive.

As she grew up, the family had to accept her decision to move to France for more exposure. In France, Norka started to work with a local band. At the same time, she continued her studies. In fact, she received degrees in fashion, marketing and culinary arts making her a more versatile professional who understood the demands of her life and career.

During one of her shows, Emilio Estefan Jr. was impressed by her performance, therefore Emilio decided to open the doors for Norka to showbiz. At their meeting, Norka Martinez Luque told Emilio Estefan about her mission to spread the message of love and hope through her music. Understanding her objectives, Emilio not only helped Norka develop her skills, but ensured that she was able to create an instant hit by working with other well-known professionals.

To achieve her dream, Norka had to spend countless hours rehearsing new songs because it involved composition from such great music composers as Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo. Working with El Cata, Norka played a lead role in MILAGRO, which is the perfect embodiment of love and hope. Soon, the inspiration from the song MILAGRO touched the hearts of millions, particularly in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The continued success of MILAGRO made it the favorite among the debuts of Latin Music Billboards.

According to Norka, societal and musical evolution should go hand in hand. Therefore, Norka indicated that this is just the beginning of her ambition to give hope to people. She also suggested that she will continue to sing music that can affect lives of others.

More at : http://www.norkaluque.co.ve/category/norka-luque/

Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Announces Andy Wirth As New Chairman Of The Board

Mr.Andy Wirth is currently the President & CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort and has recently been named the new chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. They were proud to announce in an Explore online article that he will be bringing his talents to the forefront to allow superior transportation to and from the ski resort. Wirth also has experience in international ski resorts and transportation. Andy Wirth says he hopes to expand Reno-Tahoe air services to Los Angles, Houston, and many other major cities. His objective is to make it more cost effective and easier for residents and tourists to appreciate a family vacation. The Reno_Tahoe Transportation Authority Board is glad to have him as a part of their team.

Squaw Valley offers their visitors miles of pristine waters with a superior scenery unlike any other in the world. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Tahoe whether you come to ski, fish, sight see, relax, or hit the slopes. There is something for everyone in the entire family to do for a great weekend or vacation get-a-way. Visitors appreciate the beauty of the cobalt ski pressed against the mountain tops of the Nevada Sierra. Residents can appreciate good food and a nightlife that is the best kept secret of Lake Tahoe. Come enjoy the largest lake in the Alpine Valley with the Squaw Ski Reseort and it friendly and helpful faculty and other tourists.

Wirth strives hard to ensure that your family will have a vacation of a lifetime and they can get their quickly, safely, and affordable from the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. More importantly, visitors will find their commute to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort to be one of kind taking you the shortest route to get your their faster. Andy Wirth wants to improve your commute time. Wirth says, he is also trying to improve the commute to include additional flights for visitors and tourists. Wirth will continue to help air services thrive in his area. Andy Wirth is glad to lend his talents to his colleagues and act on behalf of his beloved passengers.

More: https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport


Magnises: The Lifestyle of the Elite

Magnises was founded in August 2013 by New York City native Billy McFarland. He was born in 1991 in NYC but grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey. He dropped out of college towards the end of of freshman year to pursue business ventures. The entrepreneur officially launched the membership on March 1st, 2014 as a way to give perks and access to miscellaneous businesses and night clubs to the millennial generation of young professionals.

It resembles an American Express Black Card, however it is not an actual credit card. It can be used in place of an original debit or credit card with the Magnises technology. This article will further discuss the amaazing benefit and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with being an member of this elite club. It can truly take your life to the next level.

Magnises bases its offered experiences on what the individual’s interests are from a cultural and professional stand point on elitedaily.com. Members can enjoy exclusive art previews and members-only live entertainment. The company has several hotspots available where members can conduct meetings, catch up on work or enjoy one another company.

The membership comes with a several benefits of perks on inc.com. These include members-only nights an exclusive nightclubs, great seats at sporting events, access to concerts, shows and private events, networking with industry leaders, travel upgrades, exclusive discounts with the latest clothing brands, plus many more.

Magnises hosts several private dinner parties with notable chefs and at newly opened restaurants. Members can enjoy exclusive menu items in hidden dining rooms. You can also get access to sold out events like concerts.

Magnises does not have to be used in large metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or New York City. The membership perks can be enjoyed in the trendiest parts of your own town.

Currently the membership offers a concierge service app. It allows members to get recommendations for dining and nightlife around their city. It also answers general questions on demand.

To join, simply log onto Magnises.com and submit an application. Magnises will response within 24-48 hours to give an update on whether the application has been accepted. The also offer status updates on the review process. The membership comes with an annual fee of $257.55. There is no sign-up fee or a spending requirement. It is available in large metropolitan cities across the United States and currently has over 10,000 active members.

This black card has been featured on several news outlets, such as The New York Times, XXL Magazine, Billboard, Forbes, Inc.,Business Insider, and CNBC. It is constructed of a durable metal and can last a long time.

Magnises truly gives you the experience of a luxurious lifestyle. The possibilities are endless. You can mingle with new friends and make ones. You may discover new business connections or a new yoga buddy. If you are not sure what to do on a Saturday night, simply ask the concierge app and it will guide you.

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