Motivational Tips by Jim Toner: A Real Estate Investor

The past several years have not been easy for the average American. A large number of individuals lost everything they had in their real estate and retirement accounts. The downfall of the substantial amount of wealth was due to the misguided decisions people were making around the market. Jim Toner, a real estate investor and entrepreneur with an experience of twenty-five years works every day with the aim of helping people secure a financial future.

Toner encourages individuals to be risk takers and overcome their fears. Toner said that one of the most important aspects of growing wealth and succeeding in real estate is the attitude. Many individuals are still blaming real estate for the financial crisis that happened back in the year 2008. Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) mentions that the crash was caused by the bad decisions implemented by the people and that the market is not to blame.

He insists that the kind of individuals you surround yourself with matters a lot. Mingle with talented people and you will notice yourself growing more than you have ever imagined. Many entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford know it’s not possible to do it by yourself thus they build a team that consists of knowledge, talent and experience. Also learn about financial Independence here.

Factors to consider in order be successful

If you want to be a rich individual in the future, you need to stop acting poor. This simply means you should operate from the same environment that rich people operate in. Organizing yourself the way rich people do is also an important factor. Time management is a key factor to be successful.

Jim Toner advises individuals to have the spirit of not giving up and learning from their mistakes. One has to realize that failure is temporary and not permanent. He admits that it is through his failures that he steered himself to his current financial position. The above-mentioned tools and tips Toner describes are vital for the growth of any enterprise.

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Hard Work Leads To Success

Success is the byproduct of hard work, and that is about it, so if people feel like life is easy for celebrities, and celebrity personalities, they likely do not fully understand how much goes into what they do. It is easy to be jealous of the amount of income these people make, and the lifestyles they have, but the fact remains they work very, very hard to achieve success in a fiercely competitive industry where success is anything but a given.

Ryan Seacrest is the James Franco of the celebrity personality space. He, like Mr. Franco, is unusually busy, on a multitude of projects, seemingly at all times. These people get up before dawn and get to work on constructing a day that is ridiculously productive. When looking at their lives, and how they accomplish so much, others would be reminded that not everyone is cut out for that life.

In addition to his takeover for the late, great Dick Clark in hosting New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol, co-hosts “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” he has a morning show “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” and he took over “American Top 40” music countdown after the late, great Casey Kasem had done it for many years. Meanwhile, under the aegis of his production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions, he also produces hit shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Reading about his accomplishments might make a lay person tired and there is a good reason for that. Everything Ryan Seacrest has accomplished was something he worked very hard for. He has focus, dedication and a commitment to building a brand of himself that is without a blemish. People like Mr. Seacrest were cut out for this kind of success and capitalized on his natural ability to make a true success of himself.

According to, at just 43 years-old, he will likely continue in his many ventures for another 3 decades. Dick Clark left big shoes for him to fill with New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and he does that very well. If he is anything like Mr. Clark, he will host well into his twilight years, working very hard at his craft for as long as his body will allow.

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Two Driving Forces: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is a company that cares about people and puts them first. InnovaCare mainly helps senior citizens by helping them manage the ability to receive and pay for high-quality care. Two people have been committed to helping as many people as they can and they have more than forty years of medical experience between them. These people are Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. They have been able to InnovaCare on the map and make it what it is today. First up is Rick Shinto.

According to, Rick Shinto has been in the medical field for more than twenty years. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Irvine. He then went on to get his medical degree from the University of New York at Stony Brook and earned his Master’s at the University of Redlands. After completing this work he has never looked back and worked his way up the ladder of success. He has authored many prominent articles on the subjects of health care and internal medicine. He has been the President and CEO of InnovaCare since 2008 and has worked at places like Aveta, NAMM, and Medical Pathways Management. He has earned the respect of his peers. Now here is Penelope Kokkinides.

Penelope Kokkinides has also been in the medical field for more than twenty years. She says that her days are never the same and she is always on her toes. That is the way she likes it. She travels quite a bit and she says the best times of the day for her are the ones where she is on a plane and focused on her work. She wants to get as much work done as possible. She always wants to keep in touch with the people she is working and a portable charger is a lifesaver for her.

Penelope Kokkinides says that when it comes to new ideas her staff is great to work with. Her staff not only help her come up with new ideas in the medical field but also help her implement them. She says that her team relies on her experience to get the job done and she also relies on them or the same thing.

These are two people at InnovaCare Health that have helped make it what it is today. By pushing forward they have cemented their legacies in the medical field and well beyond it too. Visit the website,


Dr. Saad Saad: Making it the Only Way He Knew How

As a young man, Dr Saad Saad was a Palestinian refugee living in the West Bank. His family was forcibly moved in the 1940’s to make way for Israeli settlement of what was once the Palestinian homeland.


Fortune would be kinder to Dr. Saad Saad in the future. His father was a skilled oil worker at a time when that profession was becoming more commonplace in the Middle East. This helped his family move to Kuwait, where they had better access to education opportunities.


Doctor Saad Saad’s father emphasized education to his son above all else: As a refugee with no legal standing, his skills and education would be his only path to a good life. After an incident as a teenager at a Kuwaiti construction site, Saad Saad decided he wasn’t cut out for a life of manual labor, even if it paid well. Realizing that doctors were always in an air-conditioned room, he resolved to make his mark as a surgeon.


Dr. Saad Saad advises to never leave for tomorrow what you can do today: This is, in his eyes, the difference between a successful person and someone who isn’t successful.


Dr. Saad Saad has put this advice into practice, becoming a world-renown pediatric surgeon. He was educated in the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia, and in the latter of which he spent ten years as the official pediatric surgeon for the royal family. He also performed operations for other children in Saudi Arabia, donating his time and skills to help children with no access to proper medical care. He once performed a record-breaking operation on an epileptic child that was broadcast to pediatric hospitals globally.


He has also invented a few new medical devices and techniques for pediatric surgery. He is always looking for new ways to make procedures easier for the surgeon and easier on the patient, inventing time-saving devices and techniques that increased surgical efficiency. The shorter and easier an operation, the better chance of success as well as less healing time for a patient, and considering that his patients are all children, Saad Saad had a vested interest in new procedures.


In the 1980’s, Dr. Saad Saad was the only pediatric surgeon approved by the U.S. Board of Surgeons who could speak both English and Arabic. This unique skill, combined with his singular talent for the field, made Saad Saad a sought-after surgeon. Learn more :

Steve Ritchie: Moving Forward With A Public Apology

Steve Ritchie has recently sent out a public apology to all of the customers, partners and friends of the Papa John’s Pizza Company. In his letter, he made sincere and empathetic effort to convey how distraught and upset he has been over the controversy that has surrounded the Papa John’s company for the past week. For him, the past week has been the hardest of his 22-year career with Papa Johns.

This time, Steve Ritchie delivered something that is much more valuable than any pizza. He delivered a heartfelt apology to anyone that might have been offended or hurt by any insensitive language and racism. He wants to make it clear to the people that Papa John’s that sort of behavior no matter what the context. He stresses that Papa John’s is not merely an individual, but it is a team that is composed of over 100,000 people all over the world. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s explains to the reader that all of these people come from many different backgrounds and communities that have constantly committed themselves to providing the best possible service and pizza.

According to, these people are local operators and owners that work hard on a daily basis. He is well aware that words are not enough to change the hearts and minds of people, so he is promising to deliver actions as well. One of the most well thought-out actions that he is planning to take is the auditing of the company’s culture and diversity and inclusion practices by external experts. He hopes that this will provide the necessary information for them to decide on more clear and better to find goals so that they may perform at a higher-capacity.

Another action that he’s willing to take his to send out the Senior Management to all of the different franchises so that they may gather feedback from the employees for the purpose of obtaining information on how to best move forward. He promises to keep complete come transparency with everyone involved so that the people they hold him and the company accountable every step of the wait until the healing process is completed. Find out more about Ritchie’s career history.

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Bruno Fagali Is A Successful Lawyer And Entrepreneur In Brazil

Bruno Fagali has his own law practice in Brazil that has become quite popular and is backed by an expert law team that is well-versed in all areas of law. Bruno maintains a website for his practice that anyone can check into for some information about the company and how to contact them for legal services.

Although Bruno Fagali is an established lawyer, he still went back to the University of Sao Paolo to finish off his master’s degree and build his educational foundation even further. Bruno has been able to gain experience in many different fields of law because of various different internships at law firms specializing in different kinds of law, such as administrative and procedural law.

Bruno Fagali has been working his way up the legal industry for many years and has done a variety of different internships at law firms around Brazil. On top of his studies in law, Bruno has taken the time to become fluent in several different languages, including French and Italian. Fagali Advocacy, Bruno’s legal firm in Brazil, specializes in compliance law as well as public law for clients throughout the communities in Brazil. Bruno as well as his firm will happily take most cases from clients that are in need of legal services despite their specializations. Clients can see what Bruno’s firm is all about visiting his company website, which gives all the information anyone needs to get in contact with the company.

With the latest movements in anti-corruption passed by the ministry of transparency, corruption will be much easier to find and solve across Brazilian corporations. Bruno personally had a hand in the program that was passed as he personally directed the corporate integrity program and submitted it to the ministry of transparency. Although it took two years from start to finish, the outcome was well worth it in the end.

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CEO Steve Ritchie Provides Leadership to Move Papa John’s Beyond Founders’ Insensitive Remarks

When Papa John’s Founder, John Schnatter, recently made racially charged remarks during a conference call, he showed himself as not only someone who was insensitive to race relations within the country, but he also showed himself as having a bad influence over the company.

As founder, Schnatter had a responsibility to represent a good example, and he failed miserably. He tarnished the brand and the company. In addition to his racial slur, Schnatter also attempted to blame the NFL for Papa John’s declining sales, due to the league not being able to control the players’ national anthem protest. Subsequent to Schnatter’s remarks, the NFL has now ended its business relationship. His name has been removed from the Louisville stadium and all marketing material within the stadium.

According to Bloomberg, immediately following Schnatter’s remarks, CEO Steve Ritchie issued an apology to the entire 120,000 corporate store associates and franchise team members. In his apology, Ritchie stated that racism or any type of racially charged language will not be tolerated in the company. However, there were some people who took the apology as unempathetic and short on decisive action.

Ritchie later released a statement that not only expanded his initial apology, but he went into further detail of the actions that Papa John’s will take going forward. In addition to bringing in external auditors to assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses for diversity, Papa John’s will send its senior management team to engage directly with associates and team members in order to provide a path forward, for inclusiveness. Ritchie also announced that he will personally join in helping the culture through diversity training and inclusion best practices. “I will personally be leading this effort because there is nothing more important for Papa John’s right now. We want to regain your trust, and we will work hard to earn it. I know this will take time,” stated Ritchie. Visit investopedia for more information.

Ritchie has been with Papa John’s for 22 years and has provided the right direction needed at this time. He did not hesitate to correct the situation from the initial apology, which showed his sincerity and compassion about the issue. His actions and leadership are about moving the company forward in order to recover and eventually heal. Know more about their website here.


Victoria Doramus Struggles With Addiction

Victoria Doramus has always marched to her own drum. With her own unique style and above average communication skill, Victoria has had an illustrious career in marketing working some of the most prestigious marketing firms in the business. The 33-year-old is a University of Colorado Boulder graduate and has played a huge role working with Mindshare, Stila Cosmetic, Creative Artists Agency, Trend Central, and Trendera. Victoria has a keen sense of trends across various cultures. Leading up to the start of her career, Victoria harbored a dark secret all too familiar to many around the world. Victoria Doramus struggled with addiction since she was a teenager.

At 15, Victoria got addicted to Adderall and eventually began taking cocaine. Victoria witnessed her struggles grow harder and harder to deal with and in 2011, the 26-year-old marketing guru flew to Arizona and checked into a drug abuse rehab center. Victoria would stay at the rehab in Sierra Tucson Arizona for 45 days. After her she was released, Victoria moved to Los Angeles ready to hackle her demons with the newly acquired tools she learned in Arizona.

Finding herself running from her problems instead of addressing the underlined issues, Victoria would attempt to live in different states and disassociate herself from friends she felt was a bad influence. In 2012, in an attempt to outrun her addiction disease Victoria Doramus enrolled in graduate school in London England.

Victoria Doarmus would end back in another drug rehab facility, this time in Connecticut for a 60-day stent. After rehab, Victoria would move back to New York with very little progress as she was consuming a bottle of prescription drugs a day. Reaching her lowest point, Victoria would be arrested on Thanksgiving. Early in 2017 deciding enough was enough, Victoria would successfully complete a 12 step program in Texas, at the Burning Tree rehabilitation center. Now Victoria has learned to control her disease and is focusing on helping others with drug issues.


Ted Bauman and Banyan Hill Publishing Provide Financial Advice

Ted Bauman was interviewed for the Inspirey website where he revealed how he has become a successful businessman and investor. He became an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing to help others find financial freedom through investing. He has a background in finance and felt one of the best ways to help people was by helping them develop the skills to get more freedom into their daily lives. He wanted to help them particularly because of the volatile government and threats from big business.

He has a lot of experience working in finance, particularly in South America. He became a writer where his degree in history and finance helped him understand how politics and economics can affect society. Though it took some time to garner attention from the public, his newsletter quickly became a success.

When Ted Bauman was just beginning he wondered if it was going to work out. He initially had issues with time management when he was in the public sector. He helped a company build housing for low-income people and he tried to intervene in the system to help the company maximize their money. He discovered that he needed to set boundaries with working relationships and that the community needs to understand what it can handle.

He created his company and people recognized his name because his father was a financial writer. When he pursued the same career as a financial writer, he gained great success with Banyan Hill Publishing. One marketing system that he uses is financial research and data. He wants to remain at the forefront of the industry so he can do the best job possible.

Ted Bauman was also featured in the Affiliate Dork article “Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information they Won’t Get from Wall Street.” The report uncovers how the company has rebranded itself in 2016 and discusses the different editors for the company. They are one of the leading independent financial advice newsletters with hopes of helping their 400,000 daily readers gain more financial freedom. Ted Bauman and the other writers focus on investments like stocks, income-producing investments, undervalued U.S. companies and natural resources.

William Saito on Internet Security

In recent years it seems that our internet security has all but diminished. As if there is a wet paper towel between hackers and con-men and your personal information. Its almost too easy for hackers to get a hold of personal information nowadays. William Saito gives a brief explanation to why this is. The internet is a globally connected technology where information is constantly being processed, sold, shared and of course stolen.


William Saito is a tech business man who has an explanation to why internet security is so horrible. Mr. Saito has a long running history with the internet in general. When he was in elementary school he was learning how to program and by high school he had started his software company. And by 1998 he was recognized as top of encryption, cyber security and bio metric authentication.

It should be pointed out the true value that internet security has. The importance of security is unparalleled. Think about all the transactions that take place whether it be a small business or a large corporation. If security was all but none these interactions would stop and the economy would be sure to take a hit. William Saito states that with all the arsing technology that are going wireless and the advancement of the internet, inventors are putting the use of security measure secondary in design.


William Saito goes on to say that the entirety of the internet is already pretty insecure. In its current state the internet has design flaws that drastically impact security. Even though a steady trend of cyber attacks and hacking is being committed against companies and governments, security is being treated as a second thought. As if its just bound to happen so why put so much resources into security. Treating security this way just to keep cost down has lead time after time again to hackers infiltrating company’s and even governments.


The security issue will not go away soon. We should reevaluate how we tend to deal with security and take some advice from William Saito. The risks are eminent and the solution is to take a look at fixing cyber security.

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