ShafikSachedina: Sussex Healthcare Pillar

Successful professionals are not common in the world. Many people try so hard to achieve the amount of milestones they have dreamt about since childhood, but most of them die without getting to realize the dreams. Professionals who are smart enough, however, have managed to live a fulfilling life, changing the lives of the people they are close to. The medical profession remains a key department in the existence of humankind. In the traditional times, people used traditional medicine men to access treatment. With the changing times, however, there were complex medical procedures, and these traditional healers couldn’t figure out the kind of treatment to offer their patients. Modern medicine was introduced to the world so that people could live and enjoy a longer life. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at Care Quality Commission.

ShafikSachedina specializes in dental surgeries. The medical doctor is based in the UK, and he is an influential professional who has conducted so many dental surgeries over the past years. People have benefited from his services because he is highly experienced. Born in Africa many years ago, Shafik has a story that clearly shows that it is easy for an ordinary person to make a difference in the entire world.

After working in dentistry for several years, Shafik Sachedina noted that there was need for specialized care for senior members of the community and adults who were not independent enough. ShafikSachedina looked for a partner, and together, they brought up an influential company called Sussex Healthcare. The company has given him an upper position in the healthcare department.

Established in the year 1985, Sussex Healthcare is the kind of healthcare facility everyone wants to take their senior members. The company has been in the hands of ShafikSachedina and his partner Shiraz Boghani. Both of these individuals are not ordinary. Apart from being very experienced in diverse professionals, these two leaders are passionate about helping the members of the community. Their love for humanity has helped ShafikSachedina and his friend to become internationally recognized professionals, especially in the world of healthcare. Sussex Healthcare has expanded into new territories because of its experienced leaders.

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