Steve Ritchie: Moving Forward With A Public Apology

Steve Ritchie has recently sent out a public apology to all of the customers, partners and friends of the Papa John’s Pizza Company. In his letter, he made sincere and empathetic effort to convey how distraught and upset he has been over the controversy that has surrounded the Papa John’s company for the past week. For him, the past week has been the hardest of his 22-year career with Papa Johns.

This time, Steve Ritchie delivered something that is much more valuable than any pizza. He delivered a heartfelt apology to anyone that might have been offended or hurt by any insensitive language and racism. He wants to make it clear to the people that Papa John’s that sort of behavior no matter what the context. He stresses that Papa John’s is not merely an individual, but it is a team that is composed of over 100,000 people all over the world. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s explains to the reader that all of these people come from many different backgrounds and communities that have constantly committed themselves to providing the best possible service and pizza.

According to, these people are local operators and owners that work hard on a daily basis. He is well aware that words are not enough to change the hearts and minds of people, so he is promising to deliver actions as well. One of the most well thought-out actions that he is planning to take is the auditing of the company’s culture and diversity and inclusion practices by external experts. He hopes that this will provide the necessary information for them to decide on more clear and better to find goals so that they may perform at a higher-capacity.

Another action that he’s willing to take his to send out the Senior Management to all of the different franchises so that they may gather feedback from the employees for the purpose of obtaining information on how to best move forward. He promises to keep complete come transparency with everyone involved so that the people they hold him and the company accountable every step of the wait until the healing process is completed. Find out more about Ritchie’s career history.

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