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Fiscal Prognosticator and Pundit, Matt Badiali, Urges Wealth-Seekers and Wall Street Entities Alike to Recall the Important Lessons of the Past

The bigger they are the harder they fall, most of us have heard these cautionary words at one time or another. However, Matt Badiali, and others of a fiscal prognosticating bent, would have to wonder if the words ever graced any of the Wall Street company memo boards. Of course, the gift of fiscal prognostication lies at least in part in one’s ability to learn from the past. And Matt Badiali has a lot to draw from. Matt Badiali is an Earth Sciences graduate who has gone where the resources lie all around the globe. For more than a decade he has gathered knowledge regarding fiscal trends and natural resources and investment commodities before launching his “Real Wealth Strategist” newsletter with Banyan Hill Publishing.

One marker from the past that Matt Badiali would urge his fiscal followers to take note of is September 15, 2008, the day that Lehman Brothers and the Dow Jones tanked like Siamese twins, proving that large entities do fall. This is especially true if no large hands stretch out their assisting digits. What worries Badiali is that Wall Street is again acting as if big equals bullet-proof. Granted, the current economic picture shows many reasons for big corporations to rejoice, including fewer regulations.

Bonuses are inching back up to where they were in the days before the Lehman crash as well. But, Matt Badiali isn’t alone in urging caution and a review of the Lehman crisis if that’s what it takes to give euphoric investors and huge corporations a moment’s pause. Economist, Anne Pettifor, also notes that interest rates and corporate debt are both rising. The global economy could be moving incrementally towards a red zone. Even without the patented Badiali fiscal prognosticating spectacles, one can see that it is time to advance cautiously and safeguard one’s assets.