William Saito on Internet Security

In recent years it seems that our internet security has all but diminished. As if there is a wet paper towel between hackers and con-men and your personal information. Its almost too easy for hackers to get a hold of personal information nowadays. William Saito gives a brief explanation to why this is. The internet is a globally connected technology where information is constantly being processed, sold, shared and of course stolen.


William Saito is a tech business man who has an explanation to why internet security is so horrible. Mr. Saito has a long running history with the internet in general. When he was in elementary school he was learning how to program and by high school he had started his software company. And by 1998 he was recognized as top of encryption, cyber security and bio metric authentication.

It should be pointed out the true value that internet security has. The importance of security is unparalleled. Think about all the transactions that take place whether it be a small business or a large corporation. If security was all but none these interactions would stop and the economy would be sure to take a hit. William Saito states that with all the arsing technology that are going wireless and the advancement of the internet, inventors are putting the use of security measure secondary in design.


William Saito goes on to say that the entirety of the internet is already pretty insecure. In its current state the internet has design flaws that drastically impact security. Even though a steady trend of cyber attacks and hacking is being committed against companies and governments, security is being treated as a second thought. As if its just bound to happen so why put so much resources into security. Treating security this way just to keep cost down has lead time after time again to hackers infiltrating company’s and even governments.


The security issue will not go away soon. We should reevaluate how we tend to deal with security and take some advice from William Saito. The risks are eminent and the solution is to take a look at fixing cyber security.

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