Greycoat specialists talk about the UK’s housing trends. They explain how the number of Right to Rent verifications has soared in the U.K. recently by a robust 577%. The reason cited for the surge is increased pressure by government officials on landlords to practice their due diligence in evaluating renters.

Right to Rent became law in the United Kingdom in 2014 as part of the Immigration Act. It is designed to ensure that people living in the country illegally and without proper documentation cannot rent a property. And this is where the Greycoat real estate specialists come in handy to help their clients.

The penalty for failure to comply with Right to Rent can go as high as a stiff £20,000 per tenant penalty. Officials with a premier real estate firm, Greycoat Real Estate, said that all landlords and letting agencies bear the responsibility of preventing people with unlawful residence status.

This, from participating in British real estate transactions or paying rent on a property to live here. Another significant factor is the growth of Right to Rent checks can be attributed to growth in the market, said a Greycoat Real Estate spokesperson. The number of rental homes on the market jumped by 28% during the 12 months leading up to April of 2024.
When compared to the first three months of 2023, the awareness and application of Right to Rent regulations was much lower. Greycoat adds how the law has also been tightened up in significant ways. For example, renters can no longer accept verification of Right to Rent via email. They must examine documents in person or use a certified IDV.