Haroldo Jacobovicz stands
out as a pioneering force in the telecommunications sector, bringing a
transformative approach to connectivity in Brazil. His journey from a civil
engineering background
 to becoming a leading figure in telecommunications
exemplifies his dedication to innovation and excellence. 

Jacobovicz’s early career
in civil engineering provided him with a strong foundation in problem-solvi ng
and infrastructure development. However, it was his passion for technology that
led him to the telecommunications industry. Identifying a significant need for
improved connectivity, he founded Horizons Telecom with a vision to
revolutionize the sector. 

Horizons Telecom, under
Jacobovicz’s leadership, has achieved remarkable milestones. The company is
renowned for its extensive and reliable fiber-optic network, which delivers
high-speed internet across Brazil, including remote and underserved areas. This
robust infrastructure has played a crucial role in enhancing business
 and connecting communities, driving economic growth and social

One of the key factors
behind the success of Horizons Telecom is Jacobovicz’s forward-thinking
approach. He has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies and
integrating them into the company’s services. By leveraging ad vancements such
as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and IoT, Horizons Telecom has been
able to offer cutting-edge solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of its

Jacobovicz’s commitment
to sustainability is another defining aspect of his leadership. Recognizing the
importance of environmentally friendly practices, he has guided Horizons
Telecom to invest in renewable energy sources and implement sustainab le
business strategies. This focus on sustainability not only benefits the
environment but also strengthens the company’s operational efficiency and
public image. 

Beyond his professional
endeavors, Haroldo Jacobovicz is deeply committed to philanthropy. The Haroldo
Jacobovicz Institute, founded by him, is dedicated to supporting educational
and cultural initiatives in Curitiba and the surrounding regions. Through
various programs and partnerships, the institute has made significant
contributions to local institutions, enhancing the quality of education and
fostering cultural development.  

Jacobovicz’s efforts have
earned him numerous accolades and recognition from industry bodies and
publications. His ability to blend technical expertise with a deep
understanding of social issues has set him apart as a leader who drives both
business success and community d evelopment. His work with Horizons Telecom and
the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute exemplifies his holistic approach to
leadership and his dedication to making a positive impact.